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5 X tips for a successful workation abroad

24 March 2017

Workation: from beach to business on the same day

Enjoying the beach during the day, working on a project in the evening. Or the other way around; in the morning typing next to the pool, in the afternoon heading to the beach and have dinner there. Either way, the workation is totally trending this year and we love it! This hybrid form of vacation is the perfect solution for everyone who has endless ambition, but also has the wanderlust-gen.

What is a workation?

The workation is the new flex working. Flex working 2.0. The idea behind this work vacation is that you work from a pleasant location with a team or by yourself. This combination of business and pleasure appears to make you more productive and creative. Even companies are making their teams having workations and the travel business is responding to this growing request. For example, Tribewanted makes it possible to work from the jungle of Bali and Surf Office provides a flexible office on the beach. How great is that?

Tips to make your workation work

Your workation can’t be all fun, so it’s important to find the right balance. These tips will help you to make your workation work ;) !

1. make sure there is wifi

Location is key, even during your workation. This is not the right moment to do a digital detox; make sure there is wifi so you can stay connected with your colleagues. Check in advance if your hotel nearby restaurants have reliable wifi access.

2. plan ahead

You can try to go with the flow, but I recommend you to plan ahead. By making a plan, you know exactly when you need to work and when you can relax. Try to find the perfect balance between business and fun. Too much fun will make your workation less productive and too much work isn’t fun it all.

3. tell your colleagues

If you’re going on a workation with the whole team, there will no problems to stay connected. But you’re going on a workation by yourself, you should tell your colleagues when you will be available. Don’t forget about the time difference.

4. set goals

Think about what you want to achieve on this workation, before you’re going. Set goals, but stay realistic. A workation will do you good, but don’t expect miracles ;-) !

5. enjoy!

Even though this vacation has a business touch, it remains important that you enjoy your stay! Work hard, play harder girls ;-) !

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