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4 years of Your Little Black Book, let’s celebrate & big news!

7 August 2016

Times flies when you’re having fun….

It seems like yesterday that I launched my self made WordPress website and called it Your Little Black Book. From that moment I spent most of my free time behind my laptop writing about all the restaurants that I’ve been to. The excitement when I reached 10.000 visitors a month for the first time! Back then I had no idea that four years later 20 times as much people would visit my blog every month to check out the best tips for Amsterdam and beyond. It’s already two years ago that I left my career as a marketing manager to chase my new dream: travel the world! In my book Wanderlust I tell you all about that special moment in my life! The last six months were like a rollercoaster to me. I spent day and night working on my two books: Wanderlust and The Amsterdam City Guide (which is also available in English). The biggest reward for my work as a professional travel blogger I can imagine. One of the most beautiful celebrations of life! It just feels so special when I’m walking in concept stores like Hutspot, Pluk or Yay and I see my very own book for sale there!

Another very special thing about my job is the enthusiasm of fans that start talking to me in restaurants or on the streets.  It surprises me every time when someone shouts to me “I LOVE YOUR BLOG” when they pass me on their bikes. And it are exactly these reactions that give me the energie to do what I do and work really hard on new projects.

“The best time to celebrate is whenever you can”

Now the books are in store I have more time to focus on new city guides again and to create new videos for YOURLBB.TV, my Youtube Channel. I’m officially hooked on Instagram Stories and you can follow me there for behind the scenes updates and live travel stories when I’m abroad. I really enjoy it that I have more time to visit all those nice restaurants that open the doors in Amsterdam. Because it doesn’t matter how much I travel… Amsterdam is always my favourite city.

When I think back about all the travels that I made I have to admit I’m the happiest girl in the world. From Finish Lapland to Los Angeles and from South Africa to Hong Kong. I made so many of my bucket list trips the past few years!

Pssst… THE Amsterdam City Guide app is (almost) ready!

What the next four years will bring for Your Little Black Book? Who knows! That I will continu to create content about hotspots, Amsterdam and city guides is without a doubt. For now I have really cool news to share! The last six months I worked on an English Amsterdam City Guide app. We will launch it soon but this week you can download it for free. We are working on the last few things before we officially release it. In this app you find all hotspots from Your Little Black Book and via the nearby functionality you can find the best hotspots that are close to you wherever you are in Amsterdam. You don’t have to search anymore, it’s advertising free (for now) and you can use it offline. This Amsterdam City Guide app available for Android and iOS!

One of my favourite quotes is “The best time to celebrate is whenever you can”. I try to turn every day into a party. Wether I’m traveling or working on Your Little Black Book at home. And for everyone who enjoys bubbly just like me when celebrating life I have a tip to share. In collaboration with Freixenet (the cava brand) and Genius Travel you can win a trip to Barcelona! How? Just check out this page! If you enter the competition you are rewarded with a € 25,- discount for your next hotel booking via Genius Travel, perfect for your next holiday!

I can’t wait to release all the new city guides I created the past few months. So if you’e going on holiday soon then check out the city- and travel guides on Your Little Black Book.

Have fun this summer and see you around in Amsterdam!


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Anne de Buck

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