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24 of the best restaurants in Santorini from fine dining to gyros

19 October 2016

you’ll want to have dinner at these restaurants when you’re in santorini!

You won’t lack any good restaurants in Santorini! If you would like to, you could visit a fine dining restaurant with an amazing view or a refined menu every night. Alternate your evening in Santorini between a Michelin-star worthy restaurants and authentic cosy tavernas where they serve the tastiest Greek dishes. The food alone made me want to stay another week at Santorini! During my last trip I’ve been so busy hopping from one restaurant to another that I had few time left to relax at the pool of our beautiful Andronis Boutique Hotel. This may very well be the most beautiful hotel I’ve ever stayed in! You can also have great dinners here at one of the two related restaurants. They’re a little bit more pricey though, so perhaps a good idea for that one special night!


the best restaurants of Santorini per city

I’ll line up all of my favourite restaurants in Santorini in this blog! Most of these restaurants I’ve actually visited myself during my trip, other ones I got as a tip from followers of Your Little Black Book and from the concierge of my hotel. In Santorini most restaurants have an amazing view of the Caldera. You want to be sure to have a good table? Reserve a table ahead, because the tables on the edge of the terrace are very popular. Most restaurants serve authentic Greek food. Delicious Mediterrenean flavours and local Greek wines. Opinions on those wines differ a lot, but personally I loved the wines from Sigalas. We’ve enjoyed an amazing meal in Santorini every day, during lunch and dinner. Fresh feta cheese, fish, gyros, eggplant salad and tzatziki. The prices of the food in Santorini differs a lot per restaurant. Compared to The Netherlands you can have a very affordable meal at a taverna, but when you’re going to a fine dining restaurant in Santorini you’ll spend more money – just as in The Netherlands. On most websites of the restaurants you can find a menu so you can always check beforehand. I already feel like going back to Greece, just writing this blog makes me hungry again! Have fun preparing your trip. Kali orexi! (In other words: enjoy your meal).

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10 Good restaurants in Oia

My favourite city in Santorini has got to be Oia. You have so many nice restaurants that all have a beautiful view of the Caldera. But definitely don’t skip the restaurants located behind the footpath along the water. They’re just as nice and delicious!

Andronis Boutique Hotel Oia Santorini

Lauda: Reserve a table on the edge of the terrace to have the best view. Get ready to get pampered from beginning to the end at Lauda. This is one of the restaurants that belongs to the Andronis hotel in which I stayed. Divine good that’s being presented like it’s a painting, so pretty. You’ll find Greek and Meditterranean flavours on the menu. A tasting menu will cost you around € 100,-, not cheap but will be appreciated by foodies. It’s so romantic there!

Roka Oia Santorini Greece

Roka: This cosy restaurant is located a little bit further from the well-known footpath of Oia. That could be one of the reasons to pay it a visit! Just follow the signs that say “Poka” (why?!) and you’ll end up at the azure entrance of Roka. Once you’re inside it’s like you stepped into someone’s living room, so cosy. In here you’ll have some delicious mezze!

Pelekanos Oia Santorini Griekenland

Pelekanos:  You will come across this restaurant just by taking the footpath in Oia to the old castle. Inside it diesn’t look so special, but once you are seated upstairs on the white terrace you will love the view of the sea. Here you can enjoy authentic Greek and Mediterranean dishes; the menu changes with the seasons.

Meltini Oia Santorini

Meltini: This small restaurant with a super cute rooftop has been one of my favourites during my trip to Santorini. An authentic Greek taverna, a little bit more modern and located just behind the busy promenade. Perhaps you’ll want a table with a seaview in the evening, in that case you must reserve a table upstairs. If you’re here for lunch you have great seats inside with airconditioning. Make sure to ask the staff for the specialties outside of their menu and enjoy the lovely mezze. Reservations are a must.

Passaggio Oia Santorini

Passaggio: Going out for a day in Oia? Start your day with a breakfast at Passaggio, located at the beginning of the promenade. A nice little place for breakfast or to have a cocktail in the evening. I wouldn’t go here for lunch, there are much nicer places for that. But with a frappé in the morning it’s a nice stay on their roof terrace.

Catch restaurant Oia Santorini

Catch: On one of the last evenings in Santorini we went out for dinner to this hip restaurant, situated just behind the boulevard. They have a roof terrace with a seaview, but in order to sit there you must have made a reservation beforehand. Unfortunately we were too late for that, but it’s also a nice stay downstairs with a large bar as a centerpiece. On the menu you’ll find modern Greek food and lots of tasty fish that are caught fresh every day as the name might already gave away.

Lycabettus Oia Santorini

Lycabettus: When you’re sitting at one of the tables for two at the very end of the terrace you’ll instantly wish for this evening to last forever. At Lycabettus you can have a dinner á la carte, but you can also choose a tasting menu with accompanied wines. The food might very well be of the highest level of whole Santorini. And that comes with a certain price tag, so make sure to not forget your creditcard ;-).

Pito Gyros Oia Santorini

Pito Gyros: If you want to give in to your gyros cravings during a trip to Santorini, it has to be at Pito Gyros. Make sure to go on time, because once they’re sold out – they’re sold out. There might very well be a line to this snackbar. And that definitely says something! From personal experience I can tell you to pay a visit here for some guilty pleasure junkfood.

Dimitris Hammoudi Bay Santorini

Dimitris Ammoudi: Look down at the castle of Santorini and you’ll see and old fisherman’s harbour that’s called Hammoudi Bay. Go down the mule track and you’re surrounded by cosy fish restaurants. A tip for when you’re having dinner here: make a reservation for approximately an hour before sunset and make sure to have a table directly by the water. You won’t be disappointed by the spectacle. Providing that the weather is clear, of course!

Black Rock restaurant oia Santorini

Black Rock Restaurant:  The location of the restaurant Black Rock is – like most other restaurants in Oia – so beautiful. With a view of the Caldera and in the evening it has some magical lighting. When I think back of the romantic dinners in Oia it gives me instant nostalgia!

3 Best restaurants in Pyrgos

The small town Pyrgos is the heighest of the island and close to it are some very good restaurants that you actually can’t miss during a trip to Santorini.

Metaxi Mas Santorini

Metaxi-Mas: I don’t think that there’s another restaurant in Santorini that has been recommended to me as many times as Metaxi Mas. And that’s not because it’s that hip, but because it’s really authentic and one of the few restaurants where you’re among locals even during high season. This restaurants is so popular, reservations are a must. Especially for lunch when the bigger terrace can be closed. We were in luck that we got there really early and were able to get the last table left outside. What a feast. Pure dishes without any frills. I’ll definitely return here the next time! Tip: don’t let Google Maps send you off the wrong way, you can park at the little church located beyond Metaxi Mas.

Selene Pyrgos Santorini

Selene: This restaurant is a classic in Santorini. It has been open for 30 years! It started in Fira, but the restaurant is now situated a little outside Pyrgos. Reservations are a must during high season, because they have a limited amount of seats. And the food? It’s so godlike! The dishes don’t only look beautiful, the combinations are flavours are just as good. Tip: make sure to have a transfer so you don’t have to drive back to your hotel afterwards ;-).

Sigalas Santorini

Santos Winery: Santos Winery is the perfect spot to have a drink if you ask me. You can enjoy several winetastings here, but they also have some tasty bites to go with it. From cheese to charcuterie and the best dolmades I’ve had in a while.

the beste Restaurant in the area of Vlichada:

Vlichada is a small town with a harbour, not very far from the well-known beaches Red Beach and White Beach. If you went there to the beach or perhaps to the excavations in Akrotiri then Vlichada is nice to grab a bite afterwards.

Top Saraki Santorini

To Psaraki: The food at this authentic taverna is suprisingly tasty. Fresh fish from the grill, a seaview and on the menu dishes that have been prepared to share. Simple and honest food, as we like to see!

4 best restaurants in Perivolos:

Around this place situated on the Eastern side of the island you’ll find several larger hotels and enough restaurants to choose from. But naturally you don’t want to end up in one of the tourist traps (although it’s packed with tourists everywhere so you won’t be able to avoid that!). The restaurants below are the ones that stand out in the area of Perivolos!

Terra Nera Santorini

Terra Nera: This restaurant is located just behind Black Beach and so it’s perfect to have a bite before you go to the beach, or perhaps at the end of a day tanning in the sun and to have a drink. You can also rent a sunbed for the beach at this place.

Forty One Santorini

Forty One 41: This fun beach club is open from early in the morning till late at night. Nice for a coffee in the morning, lunch or dinner or a cocktail later in the evening. Here they also rent out sunbeds to lay on and relax on the beach. A nice spot to relax and have a nice bite inbetween!

Savvas Santorini

Savvas: Another spot to relaxand have some good food at the beach of Santorini is Savvas. A restaurant with a light interior and lots of seafood on the menu.

To Kafenedaki Tou Emporiou

To Kafenedaki Tou Emporiou: When you’re having dinner here below the grapevines you’ll have the ultimate holiday feeling. This restaurant is actually not located in Perivolos, but it’s approximately a six minute drive from the beach. I thought it was a very idyllic taverna with delicious authentic food!

2 Good restaurants in Imerovigli:

Perhaps just as pretty as Fira and Oia, but a lot smaller and even more picturesque, is Imerovigli. Yourlbb’s tip for the best restaurants in Imerovigli? Those are Kapari (make sure to check the winebar) and the La Maison Restaurant.

Kapari Wine Restaurant Santorini

Kapari: This restaurant, with a view of the Caldera (YES, once again!) belongs to the Kapari National Resort. A nice hotel in Imerovigli and not too far from the capital city Fira. What I loved to see in Santorini is that almost all of the really good restaurants stay true to the Mediterranean and authentic Greek cuisine. This is also the case at Kapari where they go out of their way to make sure you have a great evening filled with romance!

La Maison Restaurant: When you see the sun set behind this little town it’s such a magical sighting. The view of the Caldera and the calm sea. Believe me when I say that having dinner in Santorini is a real treat! The food at La Maison is really delicious and the service is very good. They work a lot with local ingredients and the dishes taste just as good as they look.

3 Best restaurants in Fira

The capital city of Santorini is Fira. Located on the promenade you’ll find nice restaurants for every moment of the day. If you have a dinner during sunset you won’t be disappointed with the view.

Argo: Argo is another one of the restaurants that has been recommended to me by lots of people. An authentic taverna with good food. They work a lot with local products and add an international level to it. Pure dishes that are delicious! Ask for a table located on the edge of the terrace and keep in mind to make a reservation a couple of days ahead to be sure of a seat during sunset. This restaurant is in the heart of Fira, so you won’t be the only tourist here ;-).

Koukoumavlos Restaurant
Koukoumavlos: Feel like an evening of fine dining? Book a table at Koukoumavlos for a gastronomic evening by award-winning Chef Nikos Pouliasis. You won’t regret it. The interior of the restaurant is classic and has some art deco elements. The dishes are just as arty and won’t disappoint you. Would you rather sit outside? Reserve a table on their terrace.

V-Lounge: I wouldn’t exactly call the V-Lounge, located on the promenade in Fira, a restaurant to be honest. At least I wouldn’t recommend having dinner here. What would I recommend it for? Make a reservation an hour before sunset on the front benches for a prime view of the sunset. Order a bottle of prosecco and enjoy! The fingerfood is pretty nice accompanied with a drink by the way. We shared a Greek platter!

the best restaurant in Kamari:

If you’re going for a tour around the island, you’ll of course want to get to know the good restaurants outside the well-known Oia and Fira. Perhaps you’re staying in the area of Kamari, but otherwise you’ll definitely have to make a quick stop at one of the fun beach restaurants.

Sabbia Nera Santorini

Sabbia Nera Trattoria: Looking for a nice restaurant close to the airport of Santorini? You came to the right place at Sabbia Nera Trattoria. Very nice for a last lunch! And if you have late flight you can also relax on the beach here, if you have an early check-out at your hotel.


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