15 X food from the grocery store that even your personal trainer approves!

20 April 2016


I have to confess something … Since a few months I train with a personal trainer. Not because I want to have a sixpack, but because I want to feel fitter. I have already tried everything in terms of sports and classes, but due to my busy travel schedule i’t’s hard to commit to something if you don’t have that natural discipline and drive. And I noticed little effect due to my eating pattern, which I never made changes to. Additional advantage of my personal trainer: she teaches me how to keep a balance between going out for dinner but also still continue to fit in my skinny jeans. Handy, when it comes to eating out most days of the week, like I do at spots as “De Proeverij”.

I can tell you that my shopping list changed a lot since I have a ‘PT’! I have learned not to only look at something that seems healthy at first glance, but also to pay attention to the nutritional value of the products. With a few simple adjustments in my meal plan, having other kinds of snacks and better balanced meals I’ve been feeling a lot fitter after a few weeks.


15 x food from the grocery store that your pt likes

Especially for you I went to Landmarkt (Van Woustraat 339 103 and Schellingwouderdijk) to shop the items that I’ve added to my new eating plan. I hope you will benefit from it as well!

1 >> Oat flakes >> 

Something that I never did before I started my personal trainer adventure was having breakfast. And of course I have known for years it’s super bad, but it just wasn’t in my system. Nowadays I try to be really hard on myself and have breakfast with oat flakes. Sometimes I make a muffin with it, sometimes overnight oats and sometimes I have it with dairy or almond milk.  At Landmarkt I always get the oat flakes from “De Halm”. Nowadays it’s in my closet invariably!

landmarkt 2.14

2 >> Herbal tea >>

I try to drink at least a liter of herbal tea per day. For someone who is a real coffee addict it’s not the easiest thing to do. After lunchtime I leave the coffee for what it is and I drink tea a lot more often. Yogitea and Numi are my favorite brands!

landmarkt 2.4

3 >> Green vegetables >>

When I eat at home and not at a new hotspot, I now try to cook as healthy as possible. My ‘PT’ insists on eating green vegetables, such as broccoli and peas. These you are allowed to have unlimited! I make it a treat with 80 grams of good carbs (such as quinoa, bulgur, couscous, brown rice and whole wheat pasta) and 100 grams of lean meat (such as steak or chicken). Delicious in a salad for lunch: steamed broccoli with quinoa and mackerel. Or peas puree on a spelt cracker or rice cake as a snack! The vegetable department at Landmarkt is really big and what I really like about it is that you can see with a lot of products which farmer it exactly comes from.

landmarkt 2.16

4 >> Brown rice crackers >>

My new snack for 10 am and 12 noon are brown rice crackers. Sometimes with some homemade humus of chickpeas or peas. Also nice on a rice crackers is a little almond butter!

landmarkt 2.15

5 >> Coconut butter >>

Bye Bye butter and olive oil, hello coconut butter. This was probably the most difficult one for my boyfriend, who often cooks. We now bake everything at home in the Royal Green coconut butter you can get at Landmarkt, because it’s a ‘healthy’ fat. Which doesn’t mean that you should eat unlimited quantities of it. Fat is still fat…
landmarkt 2.13

6 >> Mustard as a seasoning >>

Before I got started with the personal trainer I only ate mustard with bitterballs. These days, fine mustard is my best friend to give taste to my salads. Low calorie! The one of Tons is very tasty and is made in The Netherlands.

landmarkt 2.12

7 >> Turmeric >>

One of the most surprising things I learned from my personal trainer was to especially leave the fruit juices alone. On the other hand, vegetable juices, for example, with berries are fine. When I started thinking about it , it also made sense… If you look at the amount of fruit that goes in a juice, it’s a lot of food. Now when I make a veggie juice at home I always add some turmeric. Full of antioxidants and with an anti-inflammatory effect.

landmarkt 2.11

8 >> Goat cheese >> 

“WHAT? No more cheese? Or at least as little as possible? And if you do have cheese take goat cheese?” Ok, should be doable. Whenever I make a homemade pesto now I also add some goat cheese. When friends are coming over for an extensive dinner which ends with the last course being a cheese platter, I’ll make sure there is goat cheese on it and I take a piece of that.

landmarkt 2.10

9 >> Cottage cheese with blueberries >>

I need to confess something: before I started training with the “PT” I had never eaten cottage cheese. Well, maaybe it has been added to something but I’ve never brought it home with me. I always had the idea that the structure of it looks like buttermilk. No idea why! By now, I am a fan and I use cottage cheese for anything and everything to make it a little smoother, now there is no mayo involved anymore. And I have breakfast with some oats, cottage cheese and blueberries. Yum! I leave the low-fat yoghurt for what it is, because I find it difficult to estimate when this is ok or when it actually contains a lot of sugar. Cottage cheese it is!

landmarkt 2.9

10 >> Tempeh >>

When you are trying to eat less meat, we now use the term flexitarian.  And when I look at my own behavior than I am part of it. In Bali, I became a fan of Tempeh as a meat substitute. Especially when you know how to season it with herbs and to bake it crispy, I don’t miss meat at all!

landmarkt 2.8

11 >> Nuts >>

Raw nuts are my favorite snack to always have on me. And now don’t start laughing … but I count them nicely to take only 24 as a snack. Because again … nuts contain good fats. But if you eat a whole bag of it, your intake will probably be more than you’ll actually burn. Landmarkt in Amsterdam North is my favourite to buy nuts, because here you can indicate exactly what you want, like at an old-fashioned nuts wholesaler, and they will scoop it ‘freshly’ in the bag for you!

landmarkt 2.7

12 >> Almond milk >>

First it was skimmed milk, then it became soy milk and rice milk for a while and now it is almond milk. I use it for cooking and to make a cappuccino with it. At Landmarkt they sell many different types of almond milk, but I find the one of Provamel the best. Please note that they only sell the almond milk at the branch in Amsterdam North.

landmarkt 2.6

13 >> Fresh herbs >>

When I went to start a different eating pattern for my food intake at home I was afraid my food would be a lot more boring. Many seasonings apparently contain a lot of sugar. By using many fresh herbs, such as fresh mint, I now give my meals more taste! Tip: fresh herbs such as mint or basil are also nice to have in your water jug on your desk.

landmarkt 2.5

14 >> Coconut water >>

It will not surprise you that it is recommended to drink litres of water per day. I personally, think it’s really boring to drink water throughout the day. Therefore I drink, every afternoon or when I’m having something  to eat, a few glasses of coconut water. Especially when it’s very cold it is sooo incredibly delicious!
landmarkt 2.3

15 >> Avocado >>

Last but not least.. of course this list would not be complete without avocado. Delicious in salads, as mash on your cracker or with scrambled eggs in the morning. Keep it at half an avocado a day and let the kernel sit in your avocado if you pack the other half in the fridge for the next day. It will keep it from turning brown (so fast)!

landmarkt 2.17

Do you have a healthy food tip for me with a healthier twist on something that you really like? I’m curious!

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