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25 X hotspots overlooking the water in Amsterdam

4 September 2021
Photo credit: © Amstel Boathouse, Amsterdam

Spring and summer can’t last long enough. If only because hanging out at the hotspots on the water in Amsterdam is always so lovely. Take a look at this list of great spots overlooking the water in Amsterdam. From finer dining to a place for a beer and a butterball, and from kids’ proof to perfect for meetings with friends, At these restaurants and cafes in Amsterdam, you have a nice view of the water, and they are sure to give you that instant holiday feeling in the city. Enjoy!

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25 X favourite hotspots overlooking the water in Amsterdam


For long summer evenings in Amsterdam North, you should head to Lagerwal. The creative minds behind Lagerwal Amsterdam call it a ‘playground for adults’, and we couldn’t have put it better. This new hotspot sits by the water at the NDSM wharf in North, offering music, art, food, drinks, and even theatre.
tt. Melissaweg 57, Amsterdam,

borrelen in amsterdam

© Lagerwal, @lagerwal.noord


Helling7 is a splendid hotspot in Amsterdam North. Here, you can indulge in fine dining on perhaps the coolest terrace in Amsterdam. Moreover, it’s easy to dock your boat there, as plenty of space is available.
tt. Melissaweg 57, Amsterdam,

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Helling7

© Helling7

Nog meer hotspots met uitzicht op het water in Amsterdam


Under the motto ‘Join us and enjoy life!’ at Pelusa Amsterdam, you can indulge in an extensive four- or five-course dinner where the barbecue takes centre stage. As for drinks, you can choose from a wine or beer pairing, and the rotating tap always offers something you haven’t tasted before.
Leen Jongewaardkade 41, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Pelusa

© Pelusa


The founders of Botanical Bar & Restaurant from the Amsterdam-based beer brand Lowlander aimed to create a ‘botanical heaven’ on the menu, ideally in line with their famous beers. Since its opening, everything that nature has to offer has been central at the restaurant’s gathering place in Amsterdam-Noord. Think herbs, plants, vegetables, and fruit, but also within the interior, everything revolves around natural elements.
De Kromhouthal, Amsterdam-

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Lowlander botanical

© Lowlander Botanical

Nog meer hotspots met uitzicht op het water in Amsterdam

Bistrot Les Zazous

This place is a typical French restaurant with no frills. The interior is French, with dark wood and classic wines. The menu features a variety of French delights, from duck terrine to grilled bavette, steak tartare, and escargots. And for dessert, of course, there’s a French cheese platter waiting for you – complete with matching wine.
Piraeusplein 59, Amsterdam –

bistrot les zazous amsterdam

© Bistrot Les Zazous Amsterdam, @bistro_les_lazous


For those familiar with the Houthavens in Amsterdam (just a stone’s throw away from Amsterdam-West), the closure of Pont 13 during the summer months will be greatly missed. Fortunately, you no longer have to mourn, as Ferry Amsterdam is now located in this spot, housed in the same 100-year-old converted ferry. And believe us, this promises a lot of goodness! A delightful spot by the water to enjoy the summer.
Haparandadam 50, Amsterdam,

Ferry Amsterdam

© Ferry Amsterdam, Vincent Kuyvenhoven


Also in the Houthavens is Vessel Amsterdam. Here, you can enjoy an extensive drink or dinner or visit this spot by the water to laze away an afternoon.
Revaleiland 500, Amsterdam,

Nog meer hotspots met uitzicht op het water in Amsterdam


A culinary hotspot offering dishes of exceptional quality and matching wines, but at a height of 22 meters! After dining, you can enjoy the spectacular view of Amsterdam West from the rooftop terrace. A visit to the REM restaurant is unforgettable, and the establishment puts the REM Island back on the map!
Haparandadam 45,  Amsterdam –

beste rooftops amsterdam

© Restaurant REM & Rooftopbar

Vooges aan ‘t IJ

Meneer Nieges has made way for Vooges aan ‘t IJ. You can soak up the sunshine on the extensive terrace by the water with a leisurely lunch and a good glass of wine. This establishment is more suitable for an intimate date. The unique location makes Vooges aan ‘t IJ a romantic spot where you can go for all occasions.
Westerdoksdijk 40H, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Vooges aan het Ij

© Vooges aan het IJ

De Willem

De Willem has become our new favourite hotspot in the capital. They have a café and restaurant section, where you can dine at both and snack in the summer (preferably on the terrace by the water). In the café, you can eat and drink from early morning until late evening, while at the restaurant, you can enjoy lunch and dinner. In addition to exceptional dishes with local and international allure, the wine selection is extensive.
Haarlemmerplein 58, Amsterdam –

De Willem Amsterdam

Nog meer hotspots met uitzicht op het water in Amsterdam

Daalder Streetfood

“I wanted to create a place where everyone feels welcome, people from all cultures. A place where you feel the connection and where I can also make my Moluccan roots tangible,” says chef Dennis Huwaë of Daalder Streetfood. At this spot, you can enjoy an extensive dinner by the water. If you’re not done afterwards, the Het Sieraad dance floor is your next destination.
Postjesweg 1, Amsterdam,

Boothuis bij Sloterplas

On the shores of the Sloterplas, you’ll find Boothuis – a cosy family restaurant in a beautiful setting. Step inside, and you’ll feel like you’re in a traditional boathouse with very good food and a modern atmosphere.
Christoffel Plantijngracht 4, Amsterdam,

boothuis amsterdam

© boothuis amsterdam

even more places with waterfront view in Amsterdam

Bam Boa

At Bam Boa, you can sit on the terrace all day long with your feet in the sand. And indeed, at the end of the day, when the sun disappears behind the houses, you get that holiday feeling here while you have a table full of delicious dishes to share and a bottle of rosé.
Weesperzijde 135, Amsterdam –

Bam Boa

© Bam Boa, Amsterdam


This remains a favourite way to meet up with friends. Believe me: when your cold beer with fusion snacks tastes at least as good at the picnic tables.
Marnixstraat 246, Amsterdam –

Waterkant amsterdam

© Waterkant Amsterdam


It was unclear for a while, but they can stay for a while at the NDSM wharf in Amsterdam North. Kidsproof has a bit of an alternative vibe and is, therefore, always laidback. It’s always fun at Pllek, and that’s why we’ve been coming back since it opened.
T.T. Neveritaweg 59, Amsterdam,

Pllek amsterdam

© PLLEK, Amsterdam

Cafe Lennep

This is one to remember when drinking beers with an extensive snack plate on the table. It is a bit out of the way of the busy hotspots, and therefore, there are often still enough spots to sit down.
Jacob Van Lennepkade 334, Amsterdam,

Cafe Lennep

© Cafe Lennep, Amsterdam

Noorderlicht Café

Noorderlicht Café is a classic in the North, where the atmosphere still really feels like Amsterdam Noord. We are looking forward to the moment when a band can perform in front of an audience again! In the evening, it almost feels like a festival, and during the day, it is also a great place to hang out with the kids.
NDSM-Plein 102, Amsterdam,

Noorderlicht cafe

© Noorderlicht Cafe, Amsterdam

Café de Ceuvel

Are you starting to notice a pattern here? Many of the hotspots from this list can be found in Amsterdam North! At Café de Ceuvel, you have discovered a hidden place.
Korte Papaverweg 4, Amsterdam,

Cafe de Ceuvel Amsterdam

© Café de Ceuvel, Amsterdam


Feet in the sand, good food and open from lunch to dinner. We look forward to eating here with friends and then returning on the ferry to KNSM Island with the sand still between our toes. The shortcut for everyone who, like me, lives on the East side of Amsterdam.
Aambeeldstraat 36, Amsterdam,


© Hangar, Amsterdam

Hannekes Boom

Beach Club vibes right next to Amsterdam Central Station. If you haven’t been there in a while, put Hannekes on your to-re-visit list again!
Dijksgracht 4, Amsterdam,

hannekes boom amsterdam

© Hanneke’s Boom


Nothing is more fun than going to a concert in the Paradiso dependence and eating at T.H.T. before or after. Especially around the time the sun sets, you have a beautiful view of Central Station from the raised terrace.
IJpromenade 2, Amsterdam,

THT Amsterdam

© Tolhuistuin

Amstel Boathouse

Could cycling be the new way of walking this summer? If you are going to cycle in the direction of Ouderkerk aan de Amstel, Amstel Boathouse is an address to remember for the road. On the way there for a cup of coffee, on the way back for a cold glass of wine with a tasty snack.
Amsteldijk 223, Amsterdam,

Amstel boathouse

© Amstel Boathouse, Amsterdam


Parents with kids want to remember this spot in the Amstelkwartier. You eat excellent Italian food, but not unimportantly: while you sip your cold drink with a view of the Amstel, the kids can play in the playground right next to the restaurant.
Korte Ouderkerkerdijk 16, Amsterdam,

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