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11 x the best bars in Reykjavik

14 August 2015

These are the best bars in Reykjavik to go for a drink

We’re warning you ahead if you plan on drinking a lot in Reykjavik. Because that’s actually very possible there! From cosy bars where you can sit and talk with a drink, to bars where you can hang into the chandeliers and where the air smells like dried up beer and ammonia (from attempts of cleaning the bar).

If you’re reading this and thinking: OMG this is not my thing! Then of course you can also just drink a good cocktail at hotspots Kol, Apotek and Grill Market.

11 x The best bars in Reykjavik

Planning a night out during your city trip and (wild or less wild) getting into the nightlife then these are the  bars in Reykjavik that you must know:

Nora Magasin best bars from Reykjavik

Nora Magasin – best bars in Reykjavik
At Nora Magasin you’re good for a delicious bar bite and local beers. In the evening the music volume goes up a little more and it becomes a popular hotspot to have drinks at!

Micro Bar – best bars in Reykjavik
If you like specialty beers then you definitely have to go to Micro Bar in Reykjavik. You’ll find this little bar in an alley close to Nora Magasin. It’s the place to drink beers from the local micro breweries of Iceland with a lot of beer from Gaedingur on tap. Oh right: you shouldn’t go to this bar for the inpiring interior!

Lavabarinn – best bars in Reykjavik
For those who are not in the mood for drunk and loud students, can go to Lavabarinn. This bar is located at a place where it used to be an illegal strip club and has a 25+ policy! And a dress code… sneakers and hoodies are not okay. At Lavabarinn you can drink cocktails and work your moves on the small dance floor.

Kaldi Bar best bars from ReykjavikPhotocredtis: facebookpage Kaldi Bar Reykjavik

Kaldi Bar – best bars in Reykjavik
A super popular bar in Reykjavik is Kaldi where they serve beer from the Icelandic micro bewery of the same name. With a trendy industrial interior! Hang out at the bar with a beer or try to get a table for a great evening. This small bar is a spot that’s nice to do drinks with your lover with if you’re in Reykjavik.

Tíu Dropar – best bars in Reykjavik
During daytime a coffee bar, in the evening a wine bar! Tíu Dropar in Reykavik is the kind of café where you could also go to during a city trip with your parents. Good wines with cheese and charcuterie while you’re having a good conversation or while thinking back about the tour at the island or your whale watch tour that day!

Bankastraeti 5 – best bars in Reykjavik
During the day a burger bar (I’ve already blogged about it for my first trip to Reykjavik) and during the evening a popular spot to go for drinks or dancing. Bankastraeti 5 is like the name says located at the main street Bankastraeti!

Lebowski Bar best bars from Reykjavik

Lebowski Bar – best bars in Reykjavik
You need to be in the mood for it… the music at Lebowski Bar is always loud and the beer keeps coming. Just like at Bankastraeti5 the beer smell will just come at you! The interior of this busy bar in Reykjavik is a big homage to the movie Big Lebowski.

Kaffibarinn – best bars in Reykjavik
Even if you’re not staying at Boutique Hotel 101, Kalifbarinn is definitely worth a visit. A nice hotspot for an evening with drinks in Reykjavk. The interior is super cosy and reminds of you a living room!

Dolly Bar – best bars from Reykjavik
If you’re more into underground spots then Dolly Bar is your place to be. A bit alternative (call it hipster) and a little bit secluded of the other bars. They put on all kinds of music from electronic to hip hop. The interior is vintage style!

Bunk Bar best bars from Reykjavik

Bunk Bar – best bars in Reykjavik
At our last trip we kind of fell in love with Bunk Bar!  Because of the cool interior, the nice staff and the amazing local beers. Just like Kaldi Bar this is such a nice hotspot where you can sit at the bar as a couple to have a few beers and bar bites!

Bravó – best bars i Reykjavik
At the corner of shopping street Laugavegur you’ll find the hotspot Bravó. This bar has a bohemian interior, vintage furniture, cords with lightbulbs hanging on the ceiling and art on the walls. Fun spot for drinks!

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