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Intro Dubai

Simsalabim! From nothing but desert into the world city Dubai. Is not weird that this place may feel a little bit surreal for some people. Dubai takes it up to a whole other level: Here you can find the tallest building, the largest airport, the biggest shopping mall and indoor ski hall of the world! The skyline of Dubai is amazing! If it fits your budget, you should treat yourself with some bubbles on one of the luxury rooftop terraces. On first sight you may not expect it, but Dubai is also packet with plenty affordable hotspots! Yes, it really is a diversified destination. Experience a thousand and one nights adventure in the desert. Shop till you drop in one of the huge modern shopping malls or visit the souks in the old town. But really special for this city trip destination is that sunbathing is always possible! Even in in the cold winter months, the weather is nice and warm in Dubai. While traveling to Asia many people stop over in Dubai. Next time consider to step out of the airport and stay for a few days, it’s worth it!