Yourlbb in Parool!


A two page article in my fav newspaper Parool about Your Little Black Book!

How cool! Two months ago fellow travel writer Sara interviewed me for Parool. Talking to others about Your Little Black Book is always so much fun. Especially when those people have a shared love… Amsterdam!

Since the interview much happened and for those who red the article in Parool I’ll give a short update:
– I’m not 30 anymore, but officially entered the 30-something era ;-)
– The readership of Your Little Black Book grew very fast and I’m welcoming almost 70.000 unique visitors a month to guide the to the coolest spots or my all time favourite places in town (instead of the 55.000 mentioned, so happy that you all joined the Little Black Book club!)
– Back in April I planned on staying in Amsterdam all summer… but I couldn’t resist the travel opportunities and will be going to Istanbul, Lille, Oslo, Ibiza and a very cool other trip I can’t reveal yet. Travelling is what I love most <3
– I’m exploring all kinds of new business ideas to validate this summer. SOOO exciting :-).

Beside the Parool there’s also an interview in Glamour coming up next month. As a media girl who worked in the magazine industry for 7 years I’m so thankful to be featured in the press for what I do. Just like all those people I worked with for yours to help them promote their business.

I’m going to enjoy the summer to the max and hope you do too!

Together we make Amsterdam the coolest city in the world :-).