Vattenramen Amsterdam: 2 new ramen restaurants of Michelin chef Hideto Kawahara

Vattenramen Amsterdam

Vattenramen Amsterdam is your new go to place for ramen

Want to get some ramen with friends tonight? Then we have some good news, you can now order a very nice bowl of ramen in the center of Amsterdam at the new Vattenramen Amsterdam. A ramen restaurant of the famous Michelin chef Hideto Kawahara from, of course, Japan! Michelin chef Hideto Kawahara opened his first restaurant Hide-Chan Ramen in 1993 in Fukuoka, Japan and headed to New York where he opened two more ramen restaurants in 2010. In 2013, his ramen were awarded as best ramen in Manhattan and can now even be found in thé Michelin Guide.

If you’re not sure what ramen is, then pay attention. I love ramen! Ramen is a Japanese noodle dish served in a broth with pork and/or chicken. The broth or soup is cooked for hours to make the flavours even more intense. Better said, more delicious. Nice as a light lunch or quicky in the evening.

The location on the Kerkstraat of Vattenramen Amsterdam is already open and the second location on the Zeedijk will open its doors soon. Not really a fan of ramen? Then you can also go for the amazing gyozas and other Japanese side dishes. Believe me, you’re not going here for 1, 2 or 3 times, it’s going to be weekly thing!

Ps: keep an eye on the happy hour deals if you can’t spend a lot of money ;-)

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Photocredits: ongkaypeng

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