Typica Amsterdam: a speakeasy coffee bar on the Rokin for the Amsterdammer

Typica Amsterdam is a secret coffee spot in the city center

Anyone who can find Typica Amsterdam on the Rokin is immediately an experience and go to spot richer. This secret coffee bar is more than just a simple coffee shop. In a narrow alley at the Rokin you will find, if you’re lucky, the basement where everything revolves; Typica Amsterdam. A speakeasy bar where you can leave all the tourists behind and enjoy your day with a cup of coffee. Typica does everything different than most coffee bars in Amsterdam and we like it. No showy entrance, coloured lattes and slogans to attract tourists. You just have to know where it is.

Also the coffee is (finally) different from most coffee spots in the city. Owner Rik Bullens indicates that the coffee quality in the Netherlands is very low and wants to do something about that with love. Rik gained his mastery in coffee in Australia and looks at coffee in a very different way, he almost compares it to wine. By roasting coffee differently and exerting pressure, you create other coffee flavours and you can even bring out other notes like floral or fruit. If you want to know more about this way of catching flavours and making coffee, at Typica Amsterdam you can even take a look in the small laboratory of Rik!

All right, we have to wait a little longer for the opening of Typica Amsterdam, but we are already very curious. You can also expect your coffee in cognac glasses and macchiatos in a wine glass ;-)

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Photocredits: Typica

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