The Steam Room: new healthy hotspot in Amsterdam West

The Steam room amsterdam for healthy steamed meals

In need of a more healthy meal instead of all that unhealthy, greasy food for a change? We get that. And so did the five Amsterdammers of The Steam Room Amsterdam who thought it was time for healthy steamed meals. After some experimenting, they came up with super healthy steamed dishes that, so they say, are also very delicious.

The Steam Room in Amsterdam West serves recipes with different flavours from all over the world and the steaming ensures that it is quickly cooked without losing taste, texture and nutrients. Which means not much butter and fat, but a warm and healthy meal. We can’t wait to try these healthy steamed meals!

Ps: you can also order these steamy foods for a healthy meal at home in front of the tv! For us usually the number one place where we give in to eating unhealthy if we don’t feel like cooking.

We’ll keep you posted about the opening date!

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Photocredits: The Steam Room

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