The Maker Cafe Amsterdam: thé spot for a good cup of coffee in De Hallen

at The Maker Cafe Amsterdam you’ll feel right at home

The Maker Cafe Amsterdam is the spot in De Hallen to open your laptop, enjoy a delicious drink and a nice pastry. A place where you feel right at home and come back with love the next day. Now I hear you think The Maker Cafe, The Maker Store, do they belong together? Yep! The cafe is part of the store and they both believe that the process is as important as the final product. This means that at The Maker Cafe Amsterdam they use the most tasty coffee beans, the creamiest milk, the best machine and motivated barista’s to make that delicious cappuccino.

The Cafe specializes in beverages and therefore they have special drinks on their menu such as lemonade of rhubarb-star anise and Amsterdam Spuitwater that is made with care. If you want a snack with your drink you can order a piece of apple pie or a healthy muesli bar. The insider tip we received: order the oat milk cappuccino together with a piece of sticky toffee and banana cake at The Maker Cafe Amsterdam ;-)

In the future the cafe would like to set up more collaborations to serve more local food that is both tasty and healthy. Sounds good already, doesn’t it?

At The Maker Cafe Amsterdam they have an eye for detail, not just in the area of drinks and food. But also for the experience, the most important thing is that you feel at home and that you can enjoy the beautiful products they use here. It makes no difference if you’re a specialized barista or don’t know the difference between earl gray and red tea.

book clubs and coffee workshops at The Maker cafe amsterdam?

Although this is only the start, there are already future plans that we are really excited about. Besides serving food and drinks, they want to focus on monthly book clubs and coffee workshops. I say go for it!

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Photocredits: Jasmijn van der Klei

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