The Backstage Amsterdam: Amsterdam’s first avocado store for edible avocados

The Backstage Amsterdam

for edible avocados you go to The Backstage Amsterdam

Do you have the idea that you are pushing into the same brick avocados every day in the supermarket in the hope that today its finally edible? Then The Backstage Amsterdam is your new place to go for ripe, edible avocados. Hallelujah! The Backstage Amsterdam is Amsterdam’s first avocado store and we wonder why nobody came up with this idea like 2 years ago?! Then we would have had less disappointments. The Backstage Amsterdam is from, not so surprising; The Avocado Show. An avocado store where you can’t only score delicious avocados, but also learn how to recognize a ripe avocado from an unripe avocado without pushing it all the time. Handy!

You can find The Backstage Amsterdam on the opposite of the street of The Avocado Show. There are 300 ripe avocados every day, and that’s not all, you can also walk in for delicious coffee. Nice!

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Photocredits: The Avocado Show

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