Over The Edge Amsterdam: the sensational swing at the A’DAM Tower is open!

schommel A'dam Lookout

check out the highest swing of Europe at 100 metres high

If you ask me, this is now already the coolest attraction of Amsterdam. The “Over The Edge” at the Lookout on the roof of the A’DAM Toren is finally open. This swing at 100 metres high is for the daredevils. Because even though this swing is 100% safe, you have to have some guts. And probably no fear of heights. Myself, I’m pretty scared of heights to be honest. Even though I WILL en SHALL go in this swing just once!

By the way, did you know that this “Over The Edge” swing is the highest swing in Europe? At 100 metres high you’ll swing over the edge of the A’DAM Toren and you’ll have an amazing view over Amsterdam. Looking down is allowed, but not obligated when you’ll only close your eyes and scream intensely ;-). An adrenaline kick is guaranteed, that’s for sure!

the swing of the Lookout at A’DAM Toren

Good to know: For this swing you’ll need an extra ticket next to the ticket for the Lookout. You can purchase these for € 5,-. Also fun to do when you’re on a date! Chances are your date will fall head over heels after something exciting like this. At least, that’s what I remember from a study during my college, LOL. Anyway, this “Over The Edge” swing is an attraction for fighters and daredevils. I’m gonna quickly dress myself in that red armor and chain myself to that swing. The lookout is open everyday untill 10PM and I think it’s especially beautiful during golden hour when the roofs of the building behind Amsterdam Central light up golden.

TIP: When you’re at the A’DAM Lookout it’s nice to have a drink and a bite at M’ADAM. If you’re there later in the afternoon restaurant Moon at the 19th floor is also open! This restaurant is extra special as it spins a full circle every hour so you’ll have a view of every angle of Amsterdam! WOW!

Are you going for a swing at the Lookout? Can’t wait to find out!


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