14 x student meals in Amsterdam that are tasty and affordable

student meals in amsterdam

the best dishes of the day and student meals in amsterdam!

Studying in Amsterdam? Then things just might get a little bit tricky. Besides all the hard work your study requires, the financial aspect requires some attention as well. All those get-togethers, parties and dinners in the city can cost you a lot of money. And if you – like me – don’t like cooking, things can get really expensive. That’s where this list comes in handy: delicious student meals in Amsterdam for a very affordable price!

14 x student meals in amsterdam that are tasty

De Stadskantine: Located in De Pijp and open every day from 08.30 – 22.00 for food, drinks & free wifi. This makes it the perfect place to go over that summary one more time while enjoying a hot meal around 8 euros.

Zouk: Also plenty of food, drinks and wifi at Zouk in Amsterdam-West. The main dishes are around 15 euros, pizzas around 8 euros and pastas around 7 euros. All worth the visit!

Taco Cartel: When you go to the Van Woustraat in the always fun neighbourhood the Pijp, you’ll find Chiapas Taco Cartel and here they have Mexican street food for a lovely price. Tacos? Yes please! Try the one with cruncy chicken, it’s so delicious!

‘t Pakhuis: You’ll find this old brown bar near the UB and it has everything you want. In the morning you’ll drink a cup of coffee on the sunny terrace, in the evening you’ll order a meal for a very affordable price and later in the night you can dance the stress away.

SLA“Are you sure you eat enough vegetables?” is sure one of the frequently asked questions by your mother. From now on you can easily answer YES, because at SLA you can already eat a very healthy salad from 8,50 euros.

sla amsterdam westerstraat

Vapiano: Of course Vapiano can’t be missed in this list. This is the place you should go to if you want a quick, affordable Italian bite. Not the best place to study though, but one of their two locations in the city is located next to the library. Very practical!

Café de RoeterWith one of the university buildings across the street, Café de Roeter is a beloved place to go to for students. Always a great menu with meals for student prices. That’s how we like it.

Spaghetteria: You can get tasty and affordable pasta at Spaghetteria. They have 3 locations in Amsterdam, so you’re actually always quite close to a nice Italian student meal. Ps: also nice for a girls night out.

Foodhallen: When you go to the Foodhallen, you can make it as cheap or expensive as you like. Go to one of the stands and order whatever you love. Are you taking the tacos, a burgers, fish or dim sum?

SkekAt Skek they know exactly what you need. Their menu changes every three months and the dishes are very tasty and affordable too (around 8 euros). 

Skek Amsterdam

Dwaze Zaken: Okay, we have to admit, their main dishes aren’t that cheap. But their Maffe Maandag (crazy Monday) is the reason you want to go there. You’ll eat whatever is served for only 6,90 euros!

Cannibale Royale: Meat lovers should go to Cannibale Royale. Maybe not the place for the cheapest food, but you get quite a lot compared to what you pay. Burgers from 8 euros, that’s okay right? ;-)

De Bekeerde Suster: Burgers, stews and Amsterdam saté. At De Bekeerde Suster you’ll eat traditional dishes. Thanks to their good value for money they are a known place for student meals. Make sure you go here!

Bulls & Dogs: You go to Bulls & Dogs if you want hotdogs! Many to choose between, and great beers and side dishes as well. Go for a combo  for around 12 euros and then you’ll get a hotdog, beer and a side dish of your choice.

Enjoy these student meals in Amsterdam!

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