Spingaren Amsterdam: a charcuterie restaurant ánd tasting room in the centre

Spingaren Amsterdam for pastrami, steak and kimchi

Yes the only restaurant that’s still missing in Amsterdam is here! A charcuterie restaurant in the center of Amsterdam just opened. A place where you can order the best sausages, pastrami, pancetta and other cold meats. Welcome Spingaren Amsterdam!

Spingaren Amsterdam is a charcuterie restaurant and a tasting room in one where you can taste a lot of different charcuterie, but also fermented vegetables such as pickled cucumber, kimchi, beets and fish. If you’re hungry, you can also order steak from a local farmer, fresh fish, specially prepared mussels and vega dishes. This sounds so good! At Spingaren Amsterdam you can order different dishes and plates, but you can also make your own plate so you know for sure that you like everything.

Nice: You can also buy the charcuterie of Spingaren Amsterdam in the restaurant and take it back home. Perfect for a sunny Sunday in the garden with friends ;-) You might know Spingaren Amsterdam already, they had a food truck on the Rollende Keukens last May with the best pastrami sandwiches ever.

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Photocredits: Spingaren

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