Quies Tea Amsterdam: the first tea bar in Amsterdam with a Czech touch

Quies Tea Amsterdam for the best teas and a living room experience

Quies Tea Amsterdam is the first tea bar in Amsterdam where your caffeine cravings will not be stilled… Sorry not sorry, you can only find the best teas over here. Just like when we were younger. Remember those days when you came home after school and your mother had a a pot of tea ready, so you could drink tea and  chat together for hours. Drinking tea is still one of the most relaxing things to do with friends or family.

A few years ago, the Czech couple Jakub and Štěpánka packed their bags and came to Amsterdam with a dream; opening a tea bar. Jakub visited Amsterdam a couple of times and noticed that there almost were no real tea bars in our small city, while you can find them on every corner in Czech Republic. After a lot of hard work we can now finally enjoy a fresh cup of tea and Czech snacks at Quies Tea on the Frederik Hendrikstraat!


Order the high tea at QUIES TEA AMSTERDAM and get surprised

When you enters Quies Tea Amsterdam you feel at home right away and that’s not just because it’s furnished like a living room. Jakub and Štěpánka make sure you don’t want to leave, they’re so kind! With excitement in their eyes, they tell you about their history with tea (yes, it’s their pride and joy) and are happy to let you taste all the tea flavours. You can visit the tea bar from 9 am to 6 pm to enjoy a (takeaway) tea, Czech snacks and a high tea. Ps: looking for a quiet workplace? You’re more than welcome for a cup of  tea at Quies!

You definitely need to try the high tea! You can choose from the finest tea flavours like Masala Chai, Strawberry Cream or Milky Oolong and you also get a pleateau with tasty snacks. What do you think of Czech honey cake, salep (hot sweet milk) and toasted pita bread. Hmm, I’m getting cravings again!


Ps: swap your tea bags from the supermarket for real tea leaves, they have a much better taste. Do you want to keep using tea bags, change them after using them 1 or 2 times. When we told Jakub and Štěpánka Dutch people use tea bags until they are really done, we saw the fear in their eyes, and then they started to laugh out loud. Oops!

For real qualitea you need to go to Quies Tea Amsterdam, have fun!

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