Poesiat & Kater Amsterdam: for homebrewed beers and cosiness

the best beers can be found at Poesiat & Kater Amsterdam

Poesiat & Kater Amsterdam is your favourite if you like beer and cosiness. Because honestly, who doesn’t love that? ;-). Poesiat & Kater Amsterdam is a brewery and tasting room in one. Jorn Stouten, Dafne van den Boom, and Thomas Perkhaan, all with the necessary hospitality experience, were fascinated by the history of the biggest brewery of Amsterdam: Van Vollenhoven’s brewery ‘De Gekroonde Valk’. The brewery doesn’t exist anymore though, which left the three thinking. Not long after that Poesiat & Kater Amsterdam became a fact.

Nice: Poesiat & Kater is named after two employees that worked in the brewery: Bart Poesiat and Klaas Kater. Not just regular employees though; they had housing built for the workers of the brewery. That was the start of the first housing association in The Netherlands. Special, isn’t it?!

Poesiat & Kater Amsterdam

at Poesiat & Kater Amsterdam you can find the best snacks

Okay, back to Poesiat & Kater Amsterdam. A restaurant in the monumental building in the Oostergasfabriek with a big terrace where you can sit in the sun all day with a homebrewed beer. Order some tasty treats from the drinks and bites menu and your sunny afternoon can’t be ruined. On the bites menu you’ll find snacks like: a fish platter, a saltimbocca skewer with chicken thighs, a bycatch fish croquette, a grillburger with cheddar as a slider, fried codfishcheeks with classic tartar sauce, garlic olives, or some delicious macadamia nuts. Nice!

The menu at Poesiat & Kater Amsterdam is put together in a way so that you can eat something nice, any time of the day, from delicacies to small bites, with of course a matching beer. In the evening you can order disges like grilled farm chicken filled with garlic, liver, or heart, green cabbage leaf filled with spinach, roasted hazelnuts, feta and spicy tomato salsa. Or the winner of the menu, the crispy fries beef shortribs, stewed in Extra Stout beer, and the kingcrab in beetroor with a Kercken Porter beer.

Poesiat & Kater Amsterdam
With the styling of Poesiat & Kater Amsterdam they tried to keep or accentuate the historical elements in the building. It’s timeless, tasteful, and gives you the feeling as if it’s been there forever. A great meetingpoint for Amsterdam locals that love beer.

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