Pizza Heart Bar Amsterdam: for vegan pizza lovers and pizza haters in East

at Pizza heart bar Amsterdam you drink champagne with your pizza

YES, there’s a new pizza bar in town! A pizzeria for vegans, vegetarians, meat eaters and even pizza haters. Yep really, a pizzeria where you can take your friend who doesn’t like pizza (how is it even possible?). Pizza Heart Bar Amsterdam is your new go to place for the best Italian dishes.

I can hear you think, Pizza Heart – Pizza Heart Bar. Yep, in the city centre and on IJburg you can get a pizza at Pizza Heart for a while already. The owners of Pizza Heart Ivan Moyano and Sol Lopez just opened their third location; Pizza Heart Bar Amsterdam. It’s almost the same, although at this location in East you can also have a cocktail night with friends and have a romantic dinner with your lover.

The interior of Pizza Heart Bar Amsterdam can also not be compared to the locations on IJburg and the city center. Pizza Heart Bar Amsterdam has a huge terrace and patio doors, so you can also sit inside and outside at the same time, which is perfect when the sun shines! There’s an open kitchen with a huge, golden pizza oven where your pizza will be baked in. Take a seat at one of the tables with friends, jump on the big leather sofa or drink a cocktail at the bar. The interior is modern, playful and at the same time very warm. In fact, the interior matches perfectly with owner Sol Lopez. A lovely women with a warm personality who makes you feel at home in two seconds. As if you’re in Italy!

Every dish has a vegan option at Pizza Heart Bar Amsterdam

Okay, enough said. Back to the pizzas and other snacks you want to order at Pizza Heart Bar Amsterdam. At this pizzeria, almost everything can also be ordered vegan. You read it well, pizza, cannelloni, antipasti, insalate. Every dish has a vegan option. And as if that’s not enough, the pizza dough is also special. This dough raised for 72 hours, which makes it very digestible. Better said, you won’t have an after dinner dip at the table! Besides that, you can also choose a whole wheat pizza base.

We went for the Pizza Mia Vegana V, a vegan pizza with tomato sauce, zucchini, sun-dried tomatoes, basil, black olives and vegan mozzarella. Really, this vegan mozzarella was so good! And we took the Pizza Prosciutto crudo e datteri with parma ham, dates, a whole wheat pizza base and rucola. And if we can recommend another pizza, go for the pizza with bacon, dates, goat cheese, mozzarella and walnuts. And as a starter for the anti pasti, try to keep some space for the pizza ;-)

You can find Pizza Heart Bar Amsterdam on the Schollenbrugstraat 8 between South and East, at the water and near Amstel station. Have fun!

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