Pigs&Punch Amsterdam: for spare ribs and cocktails on the Utrechtsestraat

Pigs&Punch Amsterdam is perfect for a night out with friends

Pigs&Punch Amsterdam is a new, ok let’s be honest, not really a new restaurant in Amsterdam. Pigs&Punch Amsterdam is the new Mystique on the Utrechtsestraat! Yep, your favourite bar and restaurant got a real transformation and we now officially call Mystique, Pigs & Punch. The whole restaurant has been completely stripped and there’s nothing left of the cozy Mystique. It got a new interior, look & feel.

What you can guess by the name is that the amazing sticky spare ribs (Pigs) are still on the menu, just as the cocktails (Punch) we like to order in the cocktail bar with friends. You can order special beers and punch, and go to this place for a real pork heaven! Pulled pork for two please!

 Ps: Can we give the gentlemen of Pigs&Punch a virtual handshake for their cute logo?!

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Photocredits: Pigs&Punch

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