7 x the best parties in Amsterdam on December 24, 25 & 26

christmas parties amsterdam 2017

looking for a christmas party in amsterdam? found it!

Do you hear the jingle bells ring? Because ding dong, it’s Christmas time! And that means long dining, socializing with family and drinking one or two wines too much, don’t you agree? But after such a long evening we often want to let off some steam, and hey, what better than to dance the night away? Read on quickly, app your friends and take your younger niece out dancing, because these are the best parties at Christmas in Amsterdam this year!

sunday december 24 >> christmas 2017 in amsterdam

Chin Chin Christmas Madness
Where: Chin Chin Club
Tickets: start Tuesday November 16
Info: check the facebook-event

Felix @ Sexyland – Het Grote Kerstmisverstand
Where: Sociëteit Sexyland
Tickets: € 5,-, here available
Info: check the facebook-event

BOSS Christmas Special
Where: Paradiso
Tickets: € 17,-, here available
Info: check the facebook-event

monday december 25 >> christmas 2017 in amsterdam

Bella Monday Christmas Special
Where: AIR
Tickets: € 15,-, here available
Info: check the facebook-event

Ps: don’t feel like preparing a whole Christmas dinner at home? These are the restaurants you can go to during Christmas 2017, before you make the city unsafe in the night ;-)

tuesday december 26 >> christmas 2017 in amsterdam

NIGHT- The Chicago Christmas Show x Desperados
Where: Chicago Social Club
Tickets: Start Thursday December 7
Info: Check the facebook-event

Last Christmas @ Paradiso
Where: Paradiso
Tickets: € 11,35, here available
Info: Check the facebook-event

Christmas Disko @ Chin Chin Club
Where: Chin Chin Club
Tickets: € 13,10, here available
Info: Check the facebook-event

Have fun during the Holidays!

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Photocredits: via Facebook Chin Chin Club – Maxim Noir Photography