Ox & Bucks Amsterdam: for breakfast meetings and after work drinks on the Zuidas

Ox & Bucks amsterdam

Ox & Bucks Amsterdam is your favourite go to on the zuidas

Ox & Bucks Amsterdam is added to the list of (new) hotspots on the Zuidas. A new place to visit, also when you’re not working on the Zuidas. It’s an all-day spot where you can sit down with your laptop on the big, green sofas or where you can have an outdoor meeting with a cup of coffee. But also a spot where you can have lunch with a colleague or friend on a marbled table. Do not ask me why, but if there is a marbled table you already got me ;-). Or where you can sit down on one of the leather bar stools for a for a well-deserved beer or cocktail after a long day of working. Jep, Ox & Bucks Amsterdam has it all!

The dishes on the menu are perfect for this fine bistro on the Zuidas. Have breakfast with a coffee, croissant with butter and jam, lunch with a scrambled egg or croque madame with truffle and have dinner with carpaccio and truffle mayonaise, oysters, baked grater or smokey ribs and end the day with the Chocoholic; a brownie with white chocolate caramel sauce and chocolate ice cream. Oh my…

go to ox & bucks Amsterdam for your deserved after work drink

And there’s something else that makes Ox & Bucks Amsterdam the perfect place to go. At the end of the week, around 5 PM, the Zuidas is quite empty. That’s when Ox & Bucks Amsterdam organizes events! From Caribbean Thursdays, where you can get summer cocktails until late and H41 & Burgers, a beer tasting with a lot of burgers. Nice!

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Photocredits: Ox & Bucks