20 X order good food in Amsterdam East: these are our favourites

order good food in Amsterdam East


Do you want to order in and have  your food delivered in Amsterdam East? Then today is your lucky day! A lot of the time we aren’t in the mood to cook, or to even leave the house to do groceries. That’s why we know all to well where you should and shouldn’t order food in Amsterdam East. Good food, delivered by bike!

So, where can you order the best food in Amsterdam East? We put 19 restaurants on a row for you that will order your favourite dishes through foodoraDo you live in Amsterdam West? No worries, for the best restaurants in West you can check out this list! 


Burgermeester Artis: At Burgermeester Artis you can order the tastiest hamburgers. From the Meester Bief: a Blonde d’Aquitaine beef burger with grilled veggies and tarragon mayo, or our favourite; the Kip Kimchi: organic chicken burger with kimchi and lime mayonaise.

Mama Dough: In the mood for pizza? Then order one of the amazing pizza’s at Mama Dough. We can’t get enough of the pizza bianco’s, with for example salmon or truffle.

Smokin’ Barrels: In the mood for some meat? Then order the Hot’Ribs, Poussin and/or Smokin’ Ribs with homemade Flemish fries from Smokin’ Barrels.

eten bestellen in amsterdam oost
Smokin’ barrels

Bar Wisse: At Bar Wisse you can order the best chicken thigh or swordfish saté, but also fried polenta and gamba’s. Hmm, we want some.

SOI 66 – Thai Food Cafe: At Thai Food Café you can, of course, order Thai snacks. Marinated speck, Thai ribs, thom kha, pad Thai, and kio wan. Nice!

Cafe Leuten: In the mood for tasty and good food? Then order the lasagna with vegetables, goats cheese, and basil pomodori sauce, or the slow braised spareribs, painted with BBQ sauce, roasted garlic sauce, and a salad from Cafe Leuten!

La Fermata Del Gusto: Authentic Italian dishes can be found at La Fermata Del Gusto. Hmm, pizza’s, pasta’s, and of course, the best salads. 

The Burrito Maker Oost: At The Burrito Maker you can get the best Mexican burrito’s. Go for the Pulled Pork Burrito, an extra big flourtortilla filled with seasoned pulled pork, black beans, rice, cheese and a salsa of your choice. On the side you get a some sour cream and a bag of taco chips.

Madame Jeanette: Feeling like Surinamese tonight? Order the best Surinamese dishes at Madame Jeanette. From Surinamese sandwiches during the day to roti, bami and nasi in the evening. Yum!

De Sapbar:  Every now and then we really want something healthy. De Sapbar will satisfy all of your healthy cravings. From juices to fresh sandwiches and açai bowls!

eten bestellen in amsterdam oost
de sapbar

Oost: Antipasti, pizza and pasta, crostini and salads is what you can order at Oost. The con Formaggio Caprino e Pancetta, spinachsalad with goats cheese and pancetta is so good!

Michel-Inn: At Michel-inn you can order really good woodoven pizza’s. Think of pizza’s with tomato, mozzarella, red pepper, spicy salami, paprika, and black olives, or pizza with tomato, mozzarella, onion, manchego, San Danielle, chorizo, honey, and spicy oil.

Beter & Leuk: Organic, vegan and glutenfree food can be ordered at Beter & Leuk; one of our favourite vegan spots in Amsterdam. Our favourite dish? Bibimbap, a Korean ricebowl with tempeh, crispy vegetables, black beans and sprouts. And for dessert we always get the banana bread with figcream.

Maccheroni: You need to order the pasta and pizza from Maccheroni. We usually go for the Gnocchi Alla Sorrentina; gnocchi with buffalo mozzarella, basic, and Parmigiano Reggiano in tomato sauce, or the Ravioli Di Zucca; ravioli filled with pumpkin in a butter and sage sauce. 

De Biertuin: Burgers and chicken is what you can get at De Biertuin, and beer of course. Go for the Half Farm Chicken, chicken on the rotisserie with homemade applesauce, salad, potato wedges, and mayonaise.

eten bestellen in amsterdam oost
De Biertuin

Chiapas Taco Cartel: Taco cravings? Then order taco’s, burrito’s, rice and beans at Chiapas Taco Cartel! We love the Taco Sweet Spring Vega; sweet potato, green asparagus, tomatillo, salsa & bean mix, and of course, the nacho’s.

Eddy Spaghetti:  The name says it all; at Eddy Spaghetti you can get lots of pasta. Our favourite? Pasta Vongole; spaghetti with shellfish, garlic, white wine, parsley, and chilli’s. And of course for dessert, the homemade tiramisu.

Pica Pica: For good tapas you need to order from Pica Pica. From pata negra ham to mushroom croquettes, cooked octopus to Spanish meatballs and sausages.

Vijfvulvijf: If you’re in the mood for maki’s, soybeans, and mini egg rolls you need to order from Vijfvulvijf. The best Asian Fusion snacks can be found here. Don’t forget the layer cake for dessert.

PS: the selection of restaurants from foodora can vary depending on the delivery address!

Have you already seen our top-list with 17 healthy restaurants that deliver?

Enjoy the tips from this blog, from now on you’ll only order tasty food in Amsterdam East!Oost!

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Photocredits: foodora

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