11 x the best nachos in Amsterdam

these are the best nachos in amsterdam!

When you and your friends are having drinks, nachos are practically the perfect solution when you don’t want to interrupt your catch up with some complicated dinner. Just chatting along with this delicious mix of tortilla chips, guacamole, creme fraiche, salsa sauce and cheese (lots of cheese) on the side. And of course some wine, beers and cocktails to go with that. Because we believe that nachos are always a good idea, we selected 11 x the best nachos in Amsterdam!

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brandstof >> nachos in amsterdam

Brandstof is always a good place to chit chat the day away with your friends. From the terrace you look out over the busy intersection and that’s the perfect distraction. Is the weather not that good? Brandstof is also very cosy from the inside. And very handy: they also serve a small portion of nachos.
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waterkant >> nachos in amsterdam

When talking about drinks and nachos (the golden combination) Waterkant cannot be forgotten. Here you get exactly what you need: a very large portion of nachos, so there’s enough for you and your friends!
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THT >> Nachos in Amsterdam

Also in Amsterdam-North there are enough possibilities to have drinks and bites. For example, take Tolhuistuin. The terrace, restaurant and view are amazing. And is there anything better than watching the IJ while dipping your chips in the guacamole? And very convenient: the nachos are very affordable!
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Snappers Amsterdam

snappers >> nachos in amsterdam

At Snappers the nachos are named ‘mucho macho nachos’ and this name fits perfectly. The plate filled with nachos is very mucho and very macho. It almost makes you want to skip dinner and order some cocktails instead ;-)
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calle ocho >> nachos in amsterdam

Are you in the neighbourhood of the Albert Cuyp and got some reason to have drinks (that reason is always exists)? Then Calle Ocho is the perfect place to go. Here they serve delicious cocktails, tequilla and good food. The nachos are served with their homemade calle ocho salsa!
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Bar Bukowski >> Nachos in Amsterdam

On Friday night Bar Bukowski is one of the places to be in the city. The side walk is always crowded and from the minute you walk in it’s cosy. But also on other days of the week this is the place to go for drinks & foods. And also for nachos!
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Rose’s Cantina >> nachos in Amsterdam

We have to admit, at Roses Cantina the choice is difficult. Besides the hot, crispy nachos from the oven, you can also choose the ceviches, quesadilla’s and empanadas. Whatever you decide, make sure you get an alcoholic refreshment to go with that ;-)
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Bar Baarsch Amsterdam

bar baarsch >> nachos in amsterdam

At Bar Baarsch they have something for everyone. After their weekly pub quiz you and your friends can celebrate your victory with vegetarian nachos, nachos with minced meat or nachos with chili con carne. Yum!
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café harlem >> nachos in amsterdam

Have you ever heard about the nacho maestro? These are the maestros of the nachos that are working the kitchen at Cafe Harlem. You immediately taste the fact that these nachos are made with love. Lots of love! And if you’re here anyway, make sure you order the spare ribs as well!

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