Mr. & Mrs. Watson Amsterdam: for vegan comfort food in East

Mr. & Mrs. Watson Amsterdam

Order vegan pad thai at Mr. & Mrs. Watson Amsterdam east

Yes, there’s another vegan restaurant based in the heart of Amsterdam. Mr. & Mrs. Watson Amsterdam wants to contribute to the vegan lifestyle that’s a big hit in our country and even the rest of world. Mr. & Mrs. Watson Amsterdam opened in Amsterdam East. Table for two please!

Mr. & Mrs. Watson proves that vegan food is not boring at all. They serve vegan comfort food with a culinary twist. A tip of the veil: think of dishes like frittata tatin, pulled no-pork, apple-sage sausages, orange soup and a vegan cheesecake. Do you like cheese like us? Then you can still go to Mr. & Mrs. Watson. They developed a whole range of vegan cheeses. From Friesian clove cheese to roquefort and vegan cheese fondue. We already the cheesecake on Facebook and we must say, it looks amazing! A two-layered white chocolate with blueberry filling and a caramel swirl, on a salted chocolate bottom. OMG!

The interior of Mr. & Mrs. Watson Amsterdam is a mix of stylish art deco, tough natural materials and warm colors. The restaurant has two floors, a big bar and a basement to relax. Ps: also the furniture is made with materials that’s completely free of animal. The couches and bar stools are made with piñatex; a “leather” made of pineapple leaves.

Mr. & Mrs. Watson Amsterdam did some research about the vegan lifestyle and came to the conclusion that there is only one vegan restaurant for 1000 vegans in Amsterdam, while in cities like Berlin, New York and London you can find a vegan hotspot on every street corner. Mr. & Mrs. Watson Amsterdam are ready to make a change!

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