MOOK Pancakes Amsterdam: gets a second location in the city centre

soon fluffy pancakes in the centre at MOOK Pancakes Amsterdam

MOOK Pancakes Amsterdam, your favourite breakfast and lunch spot in Amsterdam West where you go to in the weekends with your best friend for pancakes with way too much chocolate sauce, peanut butter and maple syrup, is going to open a second location with a terrace! When we heard this good news we couldn’t wait to interview the men behind MOOK Pancakes Amsterdam; Sten van den Bedem (32 years) and Sammy Salimian (31 years).

MOOK Pancakes Amsterdam is going to open in the heart of Amsterdam on the Jodenbreestraat, in the building where you can now find Woo Bros. The second location of the pancake spot won’t be really different from the location on the De Clercqstraat. Expect the urban jungle atmosphere, laidback hip hop, huge stacks of fluffy American pancakes and if you want to feel a little bit more healthy, you can still order a freshly squeezed slowjuice juice (or a skinny gin tonic ;-)).

They do have some new dishes on the menu. You can for example order a vegetarian pancake at the new location of MOOK Pancakes Amsterdam; The Paid In Full; made with baba ganoush, artichokes, African paprikamix and olive oil. And there will be a ladies pancake; The Coco Chanel, even though it remains a secret what kind of pancake it’s going to be. If you have company that doesn’t get very excited about pancakes (almost impossible), then they can order two different salads from the opening of the 2nd location at both locations.

mook pancakes amsterdamPs: do you like to eat guilt free pancakes in the evening as well then you’re lucky! The second location of MOOK Pancakes Amsterdam will be open from 9 AM to 9 PM, or even later in the evening.

We’ll keep you up to date about the opening date!

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