Matcha Bar Amsterdam: a matcha walhalla wíth matcha desserts and coffees

matcha bar amsterdam for matcha desserts at the albert cuypstraat

Great news for the real matcha lover! Soon a dessert shop entirely dedicated to matcha will open in the Albert Cuypstraat in De Pijp. Matcha Bar Amsterdam is a Japanese inspired dessert shop with a focus on matcha powder: a super healthy tea powder. Matcha powder is healthy ánd delicious, the ideal combination ;-) The goal of Matcha Bar Amsterdam is to offer tasty, healthy desserts and coffees with matcha. They call it the perfect alternative to traditional delicacies and coffee, for those who want to try something new ;-)

You see matcha more and more and we are absolutely fan of this trend. Matcha Bar wants to accommodate both the love of desserts and the rational food choices. With the super healthy matcha powder, which is full of fibers, minerals and vitamins, this should work.

classic desserts and coffees with a japanese twist

The main focus of the Matcha Bar lies both on classic desserts with a Japanese twist, as well as hot and cold drinks: matcha latte, bubble tea, green tea and smoothies. All products at the Matcha Bar are freshly made by a team of Japanese pastry chefs, so Amsterdammers can taste matcha desserts such as roll cakes, tiramisu, cream puffs, cookies, madeleines and other matcha snacks. Sounds good!

matcha bar amsterdam

For coffee, Matcha Bar Amsterdam offers a healthier alternative: the drinks have a more condensed amount of caffeine that is gradually absorbed by our bodies. We need to worry less then when we have our third cup of coffee ;-)

Matcha Bar Amsterdam will open soon, but we will keep you updated about the exact opening date!

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