Mama Makan Amsterdam: for the best satay and rice tables in East

at Mama Makan Amsterdam you can find satay and Dutch mash

Mama Makan Amsterdam is a paradise for everyone who loves satay, rice tables and other Indonesian snacks, with a twist. Mama Makan is in fact a new restaurant in Amsterdam East, where you can enjoy dishes with an Indonesian touch, but where you can also order Dutch mash and French crab cakes. Okay, to be honest, this sounds complicated. Chef Paul Verheul loves the Indonesian kitchen, but wanted to add some Asian and international dishes to the menu as well. Good (and tasty)!

Don’t think that you’ll get a plate with rice and satay like you maybe are used to at Mama Makan Amsterdam. At Mama Makan it’s all about fine dining and beautiful arranged plates. That makes us curious! The cocktails are also a go at Mama Makan Amsterdam, after much testing they have added some delicious cocktails to the menu that you can try at night with your friends. Do you have an early meeting scheduled? At 6.30 in the morning you can already order a fresh juice or even a Javanese coffee to wake up with.

mama makan amsterdamYo can find Mama Makan in Amsterdam East, in the Hyatt Regency Amsterdam Hotel. Enjoy!

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Photocredits: Mama Makan

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