Eerlijk Amsterdam: new lunchroom with living room vibe and organic ingredients

eerlijk amsterdam

Eerlijk amsterdam: for fair products and services

Good news for everyone who daily bikes over the Weesperstraat. Amsterdam is a new lunchroom richer. Lunchroom Eerlijk Amsterdam has a relaxed living room vibe. The interior of Lunchroom Eerlijk Amsterdam is light and cozy and we secretly love those green tiles on the bar. You can enjoy delicious coffee, tasty breakfast, lunch or a high tea in the weekend. And there are not so many adresses like this one on the East side of the city center, so it’s a nice addition to the area, and of course we will test it for you soon.

Eerlijk Amsterdam is all about, as the name suggests, fair products and services. The food and drinks they serve are, as much as possible, local, organic and free from added flavour enhancers. Important is the story behind a product and why it’s a good and fair choice. The eggs are, for example, of Boerderij Eibaar in Den Bommel. Those chickens don’t get antibiotics or unmanipulated feed. You can even follow the chickens via a webcam. How cool is that?

eerlijk amsterdam
Eerlijk // © Eerlijk Amsterdam

At Eerlijk Amsterdam they have classic dishes that appael to many people. Don’t expect poké bowls and bao buns, but salmon from Frank’s Smokehouse, couscous salad, homemade soups, eggmuffins and tasty cakes. We can’t wait to try the house grilled label-rouge chicken, with avocado, onion, cucumbers, egg and caesar dressing. Sounds so good!

Ps: they also have a small assortment of special gifts. For this, starting local desingers have been approached, who manufacture handmade items. Perfect if you were looking for a last minute gift for your friend or neighbour!

eerlijk amsterdam
Eerlijk // © Eerlijk Amsterdam

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Photocredits:  Eerlijk Amsterdam

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