The great Lowlands packlist: don’t forget to pack these items

lowlands packlist

This is the great Lowlands packlist to not forget anything

Lowlands is coming closer and closer, before you know it’s August 18 and we’ll be eating hamburgers in our floral dresses, we’re dancing on the music of Mumford & Sons or we’re getting ready in our tent at Gllamcamp. We are super excited! That’s why we are already preparing ourselves for thé festival of the year. Because what’s worse than forgetting your toothbrush, flashlight or raincoat. Even though it probably doesn’t matter at the festival anymore, a good preparation means half the work. That’s why we made the great Lowlands packlist, with all the items you can’t forget!

Tip: you don’t want to miss these 12 acts at Lowlands 2017! 

gadgets packlist lowlands

From airbeds to a pump to blow your bed, a bbq, flashlight and even a refrigerator to keep the beers cold.

Beauty packlist lowlands

Don’t forget your toothbrush, you never know who you meet. But also don’t forget taking your concealer, night recovery creams and a sleeping masks. And of course your favourite pretty pink lipstick ;-)


clothing packlist lowlands

From floral dresses to Timberlands, sunglasses, warm sweaters and raincoats. Rain or no rain, you better be prepared for everything. It’s still the Netherlands!