Lokaal Spaanders Amsterdam: from romantic dining to lunch with leftovers in North

Lokaal Spaanders Amsterdam is the cozy living room of North

Lokaal Spaanders Amsterdam is an all-day café where you want to wake up with a good cup of coffee, lunch with fresh salads and have a nice dinner in the weekend. I hear you think, this isn’t new? Yes and no. Lokaal Spaanders Amsterdam, the coffee spot at the Zonneplein in Amsterdam North and the makers of Amsterdam Village Market moved from number 18 to number 4. Besides the new location, there is more new. From now on you can also have lunch or dinner with friends.

A place where you, as you might expect, can find local ingredients. Lokaal Spaanders Amsterdam takes ‘local’ seriously. The menu puts North on the map and you’ll find Tuindorp on your plate. Stadstuinderij Noordoogst supplies vegetables, the local baker supplies bread, the herbs come from their own vegetable garden or from their neigbours garden, and dairy products come from closeby too. Chef René Hasert, who previously stood in the kitchen (among others) of Rijsel en Zaagmolen, creates the most beautiful dishes with these pure ingredients.

On the menu you’ll find two options for a starter, main and dessert dish with a vegetarian option (or vegan on request). Expect fresh vegetables, herbs and fruit. Every week is filled in differently, so the chef surprises you with seasonal ingredients and his inspiration. Also the lunch menu is based on the dinner menu, think of salads, pasta, soup, but an Elvis sandwich with peanut butter and banana is always a good idea ;-)

Tip: Go for a salad with freekeh, home made ricotta, jam of dates and northeast-cheese rammenas now you still can!

leftovers or fancy dining at Lokaal Spaanders Amsterdam

Lokaal Spaanders Amsterdam is open six days a week for coffee, lunch or to buy sustainable gifts. Want to stay for dinner? Make a reservation for a table on Friday, Saturday or Sunday and be surprised. On Sunday the owner Roos cooks leftovers of the previous days for a great meal of the day. For a real fancy dinner of the chef you’ll have to get a table on Friday or Saturday.

We would almost forget to mention it, but the interior of Lokaal Spaanders Amsterdam deserves a pet on the shoulder. This all-day café has very well understood what a warm living room looks like. It’s fresh, natural, authentic and cozy. The perfect place to work all afternoon, read a newspaper with a cup of coffee, have lunch with friends and even have a romantic date. Bravo!

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