Lil’ Amsterdam: the pop-up passage at Amsterdam Central where you do want to go

Lil' Amsterdam

Lil’ Amsterdam brings art, culture, design and food together

Lil’ Amsterdam, a creative pop-up mall, opened its doors at Amsterdam Central for a whole year. Perhaps not the first location where you want to open a store, but why not? Day and night people are looking for go to places to kill time and to be honest, Amsterdam Central can use a little bit more action, don’t you think?

You can find Lil’ Amsterdam in the Amstelpassage at Amsterdam Central Station. There are 19 different stores and food spots that all have something to do with art, culture, design, food and fashion. The passage will be filled with all the good stuff from Lil’ Amsterdam for a whole year. What to get? Think of paintings, books, interior items and fun gifts.


Lil’ Amsterdam says they’re a playground, which means that you do not just visit the store because you have a delay, but also because you want to shop or need a little bit of inspiration. Nice, now we don’t have to read magazines in the AKO all day (which is nice sometimes though ;-))

Lil’ Amsterdam collaborates with the best artists to create a home for contemporary art in the middle of the city. Some of them stay for three months, others for the whole year. The girls from Pup (creative agency) are the brains behind this new, cool concept store. This can’t go wrong!

Ps: visit the Duck District for bao buns, summer rolls and gyoza’s!

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