Tip for Dec 6 till Feb 18: the Louis Vuitton walhalla Legendary Trunks // with give away

legendary trunks

discover the trunks van Louis Vuitton during Legendary trunks

The Beurs van Berlage changes from December 6 to February 18 in a Louis Vuitton Walhalla during Legendary Trunks – The Exhibition! If you’re a fan of Louis Vuitton, you can’t miss this exhibition. You’ll get to know hundreds of years of old authentic Louis Vuitton suitcases and other items that go back to the 1850s in an interactive way. Now you would think that they called Louis Vuitton to deliver the oldest suitcases, but that’s not true. The Louis Vuitton trunks collection is from a Swedish collector! What an expensive hobby ;-)

Anyway back to the legendary Trunks exhibition. In one hour, you will visit several specially-designed rooms that will tell you (through headphones) the historie of Louis Vuitton items. You’ll go back in time for about 150 years and will end again in the twentieth century. Nice!

WIN tickets for Legendary trunks in the beurs van berlage

Want to get to know the beautiful suitcases ofLouis Vuitton? Then you’re lucky. We can give away 5 x 2 tickets. Check out the Facebook page of Your Little Black Book and tag your friend that you want to take there! The winner will be announced on December 6.

PsTicket sales have already begun so if you want to make sure you have tickets for this exhibition, order them now before it’s too late!

legendary trunks 2017/2018

Date: December 6 till February 18
Price: €17
Location: Beurs van Berlage
Meer information:

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