La Cacerola Amsterdam: a secret spot for fresh fries out of the window

La Cacerola Amsterdam

La Cacerola Amsterdam is more than fries out of the window

Do you want fries, but do you feel too exclusive today that you don’t feel like going to Febo? Then visit La Cacerola Amsterdam for fresh fries out of the window. Yes, at this Spanish restaurant you can pick up fries in a very special way. When the weather is good you can find a red box with a bell hanging out of the window of the restaurant. Ring the bell, throw money in the box and wait for your fries that will come down from the top window. Note: the red box is mostly there during the week.

La Cacerola Amsterdam is more than just the perfect spot for fries, it’s a Spanish restaurant with Asian, South American and French influences. Fries, Asia, France, Spain? Eh yes! The restaurant is located in a historic building in the city center at the Weteringstraat and was the first Spanish restaurant in the Netherlands. The doors of La Cacerola opened in 1958 and believe it or not, not a lot has changed. The interior is still as romantic as how it was!

pigeon, pulpo en Coquilles at La Cacerola Amsterdam

The menu did get a little touch up. You can order for example a pigeon at La Cacerola Amsterdam; roasted chest carcass, served with a green cabbage roll filled with mushrooms and potato and a sauce made with the carcass, fried wings with curry mayo, toast with livers and the heart. Oh my … But also pulpo cooked in his own moisture and then put on the bbq with an artichoke tapenade, sauce of anchovies and tomato, and coquilles with pepper, wild boar and beurre noisette.

Sounds good right?!

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Photocredits: La Cacerola

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