Kippig Utrecht: Dutch chicken off the spit


Kippig Utrecht for dutch organic chicken

Kippig in Utrecht is such a cute little shop. Although it is possible for a few customers to eat their chicken at Kippig, you’re mostly going to order your chicken dishes and take it home with you. Yes, it’s a take-out! That doesn’t mean that it looks hideous from the inside, because you can tell that they’ve given much thought about the interior. Kippig Utrecht looks really happy with the green walls and yellow (not too bright) accents. So cute!


At Kippig Utrecht it’s mainly about (you can probably guess it already) chicken, chicken and more chicken. You can order their incredibly delicious chicken off the spit (also possible to just take half a chicken), chicken skewers from the same recipe, chicken wings or even a chicken stew! The chickens are seasoned with their own recipe and it is definitely not the standard chicken seasoning mix that you can find at the market or supermarket. Really quite different and mostly just really tasty!

Not that hungry? At Kippig Utrecht they also have side dishessalads (also for vegetarians) and other small dishes that you can order.

Fun fact: At Kippig Utrecht the chicken comes from Brabant and are free from antibiotics and growth promoters. Aside from that all dishes are homemade and most ingredients that they use are simply from the Netherlands.


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