Kef Amsterdam North: for cheese and wine tastings in North

Kef Amsterdam North

at Kef Amsterdam North you start the weekend

Is your Friday evening only complete with wine and cheese? Then the new Kef Amsterdam North, or Fromagerie Abraham kef, will be your new go to place to celebrate the weekend. The newest and third location of Kef can be found in North on the Van der Pekplein, ‘across’ the IJ.

Okay, now pay attention. Kef has two other locations: one in the city center at the Marnixstraat and a cheese store in East at the Czaar Peterstraat. The location at the Marnixstraat was perviously thé spot for cheese and wine tastings with friends, but now it has turned into a ‘regular’ cheese shop because of the arrival of the establishment in North. So for a portion of cheese and wine you’ll have to take the ferry (or if you’re a lucky bird that lives in North not anymore ;-))

Proeflokaal van Kef Amsterdam

Kef Amsterdam North is both a store and tasting room

Kef Amsterdam North consists of two areas, one area is the place to taste wine and cheese and an area where they sell those wines and cheeses that you tasted so you can bring them back home with you. What makes this location extra fun is their huge terrace, with lots of sunshine in the summer. And while the cold winter months are coming, we can imagine ourselves sitting here on a cold, sunny day with a glass of wine in the left hand and a cheese platter in the right one. Cheers!

Note: you can go here from Wednesday to Sunday. If you have cheese cravings on other days, you can of course cycle to one of the other locations.

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Photocredits: Fromagerie Abraham Kef

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