Kanaal-Noord ‘Amsterdam’: city beach with restaurant runned by chefs of Jamie Oliver

relax at the new city beach STADSSTRAND Kanaal-Noord’ Amsterdam’

Ok, Kanaal-Noord ‘Amsterdam’ is actually, if we have to be very precise, in Zaandam, not Amsterdam. De Hemkade here is totally hot and happening. A large, green and rough area where you can also find the Yada Yada Market. From this week, you can go to the new Kanaal-Noord Amsterdam, a city beach where you can really relax and escape the chaos from the city.

Kanaal-Noord ‘Amsterdam’ is more than a city beach where you can enjoy the sunshine with friends. There is also an outdoor and covered restaurant and terrace runned by 2 chefs educated by Jamie Olivier. Look, that sounds promised.kanaal-noord 'amsterdam'

addictive home made brownie at Kanaal-Noord ‘Amsterdam’

What can we expect? Good atmosphere, tasty food and a place for everyone. Apparently there is even a very addictive homemade brownie with pure chocolate, caramel, roasted hazelnuts and strawberry on the menu. OMG! Not in the mood for chocolate? Then you probably want to try the pineapple from the BBQ with roasted cocos, rum, palm sugar and passion fruit sorbet.

Ps: also nice to go with the kids, they can watch the boats!

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Photocredits: Kanaal-Noord

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