Juniper & Kin Amsterdam: for cocktails with a view over Amsterdam

Juniper & Kin Amsterdam

time for drinks with a view from the 21th floor at juniper & kin amsterdam

We need to wait a little while, but we’ll do that with a lot of excitement. Later this year a new hotel opens its doors in Amsterdam at the Amstelkwartier: QO and this hotel is going to have a such nice hotel bar! Soon we can have a cocktail and enjoy Amsterdam from the 21th floor at Juniper & Kin Amsterdam. Oh yes! We almost missed this new spot because of the restaurant that’s opening in QO too: Persijn. Did you already read our blog about Persijn? Btw, Juniper & Kin is, just as Persijn, runned by Luc Kusters (Bolenius) and Alexander Brouwer. Nice!

juniper & kin amsterdam is perfect for a night out with friends

The name Juniper & Kin got its name partly from juniper, the plant where they make juniper/gin from. This liquor is used in cocktails a lot recently, so we suspect that we can order it at Juniper & Kin Amsterdam too. The second part of the name; Kin, means nearby. And who are nearby? The community, the people from Amsterdam.

What can we expect from Juniper & Kin Amsterdam? Cocktails and small raw food dishes. Nice: these dishes are made with ingredients from their own greenhouse that can be found on the 22nd floor of QO. Juniper & Kin is going to be a spot where you go to with your friends to enjoy music, a lovely view and to try out new cocktails. We can’t wait!

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