8 x tips to survive every jetlag


Jetlag? with these tips you kill your jetlag!

As much fun as I find travelling, I can find a jetlag annoying as much. I mean, when’s a jetlag considered as fun? I remember when I had my first distant trip and how much I hated the jetlag. I felt terrible! The most annoying thing about a jetlag is that there’s almost nothing you can do about it.

But luckily, as grown by experience, there are some useful tips that will help you with preventing or surviving that horrible jetlag. And as a frequent flyer I’m very happy to share my personal tips with you. Let’s fight the jetlag!

8 x tips to avoid a jetlag to test this summer

Adjust your rythm: When you change your rhythm before the trip, the time difference will be less harsh on you when you will arrive on your destination. For example, if you are flying to New York, there is a five-hour time difference. Go to bed early on the days before your trip and get out of bed a little later than you are used to. Also try to adjust your eating habits.

Fly during the day: Research shows that daytime flights result in less terrible jetlags. You lose less hours of sleep and can go to sleep in an actual bed, instead of sleeping in the plane. This is especially pleasant on your way back, because you can sleep in your own bed after that long flight, which is always nice, right?

Don’t take too many naps: Naps are great, but they will screw up your sleep rythm. Don’t take a nap directly after the flight, but wait till it’s local bedtime. You will have to adjust to the local rythm!

Create a perfect bedroom: Even though it’s not the best thing to do too many power naps it is super important to create a good sleeping environment in your home or hotel room. Recently I joined a sleeping workshop on Ibiza (no joke!) with the brand Simba where I got several tips to create a bedroom that stimulates your sleeping cyclus. A good mattress is one of them of course! And trust me that it makes a difference. But also the influence of colours and light are huge. Make sure to choose amber-coloured tones for your bedroom and also for your lights there!

Set time: Change the time on your watch, smartphone and other devices to the local time of your destination during or before your flight. You can get used to the local time and it’s easier to adjust your rythm.

Eat & drink during your flight: Eat a light meal during your flight, like a salad and preferable around local dinner time. Drink lots of water and try to avoid drinking alcohol and coffee. Yes, I know, especially the coffee is hard to resist ;-) Coffee will affect your sleep rythm and alcohol will make you even more tired so try to stay away from those!


Go outside: And enjoy the sun! Sunlight is a natural energy booster and the fresh air will do you good. You will notice that you feel fitter and more energetic after a few hours in the open air. It’s also good to be active during the day, so you will sleep better at night!

Eat healthy: Some extra vitamins never hurt and especially not when your whole biological rythm is reversed. Eat a lot of fruit and vegetables or take extra vitamins. Try to eat extra healthy and to resist al of the tasty snacks, trust me, it really helps!

What is your favourite how to survive a jetlag tip?

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