JACKS Amsterdam: for fresh juices, smoothies and more in the Pijp

living healthy gets a little easier with jacks amsterdam

It’s hard not to find any healthy hotspots here in Amsterdam, and we don’t mind, especially now summer is getting closer. Just a little while ago, MUNCHIES fit food to go opened its doors and so will Joe & The Juice (no lie) soon! And that’s not all, because JACKS Amsterdam is going to open soon too! Not bad right, all those healthy spots? Makes it a bit easier for us to eat and drink a little bit healthier ;-)

fresh juices, smoothies, sandwiches and coffee at jacks amsterdam

JACKS Juice & Kitchen (it’s in the name) will soon be open for us to order fresh juices, smoothies, sandwiches and for the ones who want, coffee. When they will open hasn’t been revealed yet, but we hope soon. We can’t wait to go here and drink one of their healthy juices on a early morning. Especially when the sun shines, we all long for some healthy juices right?!

Where JACKS Amsterdam will open has been revealed already, and the location is great! They will open at the Ferdinand Bolstraat in the Pijp, near the Albert Cuyp. The Pijp already is one of our favourite neighbourhoods in Amsterdam, but it gets more fun every day. After visiting some nice boutiques and exploring this area you can, hopefully soon, go to JACKS Amsterdam and enjoy one of their juices with a healthy sandwich!

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De Pijp Map