11 x must-see documentaries during IDFA 2017 you don’t want to miss

these are the best documentaries during idfa 2017 amsterdam

OH YES! From today November 15 until 26, 2017 it’s time for the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam a.k.a. IDFA 2017 Amsterdam! This festival shows over three hundred documentaries that tell moving, interesting and raw stories. IDFA wants to offer an alternative to mass and uniformity and focus more on reflection. Very interesting if you ask us! Unfortunately, there’re too many films to see them all, so decide in advance which ones you want to see. To help you we’ve made a list with the best documentaries during IDFA 2017!

11 x the best docu’s during idfa 2017 that you don’t want to miss

SpielbergIn the documentary Spielberg you find out that Steven Spielberg’s films are not just about alien creatures, sharks and dinosaurs, but always about Spielberg himself.

idfa 2017 amsterdam
Spielberg // © IDFA 2017

Caniba: Cannibalism is such a sensitive subject that the producers did not even want media attention for this film. The story is about a Japanese man who killed and partially ate a Dutch media student in Paris.

Alive Inside: Alive Inside shows how music revives the feelings and memories of demented elderly people, transforming their lives.

Amal: Amal is a coming-of-age docu that shows how Amal seeks her identity in a country in transition. The film of the Egyptian director Mohemed Siam follows the teen during and in the years after the revolution.

Human Flow: In the documentary Human Flow you see the refugee problem through the eyes of artist Ai Weiwei. The message of the film is that refugees are not numbers or statistics, but people.

idfa 2017 amsterdam
Human Flow // © IDFA 2017

Ask the Sexpert: This documentary is about an Indian ‘sexpert’ of 93 years old, who makes a taboo-based theme acceptable for conversation with a popular newspaper column.

Risk: Risk is a portrait of Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks. In which director Laura Poitras shows how idealism derives from power.

Darwin’s Nightmare: This documentary outlines how the international fish and weapon trade at the Victoria Lake consumes the poor population.

So Help Me God: In So Help Me God you follow Brussels research judge Anne Gruwez. She has unreal conversations with suspects that you won’t forget quickly.

Clive Davis: In this documentary you follow Clive Davis: the discoverer of anis Joplin, Bruce Springsteen, Whitney Houston and more big names.

idfa 2017 amsterdam
Clive Davis // © IDFA 2017

That Sugar Film: In this film, the effect of sugar is investigated. Damon Gameau consumes for sixty days the average teenager’s intake of sugar: forty teaspoons a day…

Have fun on IDFA 2017 Amsterdam!

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Photocredits: IDFA