Hungry Dane Amsterdam: for the best fast food from Denmark in the Foodhallen

Hungry Dane Amsterdam

at Hungry Dane Amsterdam you get braised meat from grandma

Curious about the best fast food of Denmark? Then grab your bike and race to the Foodhallen to try the sandwiches of Hungry Dane Amsterdam. You can find the brand new stand in the big food paradise in West. Hungry Dane is Danish and got the title ‘Best Fast Food of Denmark‘ for her ‘sous-vide confit’-restaurant. Worth a visit, we thought. That’s why I just had to order one of those award winning sandwiches last weekend and I have to say, they really are good!

At Hungry Dane Amsterdam you get a toasted brioche with their signature chicken, barbecue pork or classic beef. I went for the beef, which is actually comparable to the braised meat of your grandma. This meat too is also cooked for hours and hours and therefore completely falls apart. Besides meat, you get fresh lettuce and peppers and lots of melted cheese on your sandwich. Oh my… Hungry yet?

Tip: hold the sandwich tight, keep the package in place and eat it in one time. If you don’t pay attention, everything falls apart and you have to get a fork somewhere.

The secret of Hungry Dane Amsterdam is the preparation of the meat; sous-vide-sealed yarn in a bath of water with all natural flavours extremely concentrated, followed by duck confit. Sounds good, right?!

Let’s go to the Foodhallen!

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