Honor 6: Stylish and affordable…. I switched! WIN

Huawei Honor 6

I confess… I can’t live without my smartphone. Are you like me? Do you use your smartphone to take photos ALL the time? Do you share your adventures on social media? Then listen to what I have to share…

I’m addicted to my smartphone but I hate it that the best smartphones are usually so expensive. Last week I planned on ordering the new released smartphone everyone is talking about at the moment. I had it in my shopping basket on the web already when I got an email from Huawei asking me if I wanted to try and test their newest brand Honor.

The gadget lover that I am… Of course I wanted to try and test this new brand! Honor is will be released in Europe on October 29.

And you can pre-registrar to get your hands on this new brand too.

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Honor 6 tried & tested

Last week I took the Honor 6 with me on my trip to Athens. I have to say… I’m so impressed that I switched! The rumour has it that this new brand is going to disrupt the traditional smartphone market because of its high quality and affordable price. We’ll see about that next week.

Honor 6 is a super fast smartphone. I hated Android… but now I realise that was because of the slow processor of the phone I used. And using this black beauty last week I’m noticing that I’m much more active on social media. I can finally use my camera phone to post amazing photos instead of my professional camera. It has a 13 megapixel camera!

The screen of the Honor 6 is huge and very sharp. What a difference with the old phone I used.

Another advantage: the Honor 6 is going to be affordable. It makes the big brands look like total rip offs. Sounds good right?

The Honor 6 will be released on October 29. They’re taking preregistrations now and when you sign up you can win 1 of the 50 phones they give away!

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Huawei Honor 6Huawei Honor 6