21 x hotspots on the Van Woustraat in De Pijp

van woustraat amsterdam

The nicest hotspots in the Van Woustraat Amsterdam

The Van Woustraat at De Pijp in Amsterdam is typically one of those streets where you always find booming and sprakling vibes. And culinary vibes! Whether you feel like a burger, a healthy salad, Italian food or a sandwich. At hotspots on the Van Wou you can get it all! In this blog you will find the 21 x best hotspots on the Van Woustraat in Amsterdam!

Geflipt Burgers Amsterdam

16 x food & drinks in the Van Woustraat Amsterdam

Restaurants in the Van Woustraat
Geflipt: where would the Van Wou be without a good burger bar. At Geflipt you can order one with beef, chicken or a veggie one. With or without fries.
Cafe Carbon: this restaurant is one for the meat lovers and is very loved by the locals. They serve big pieces of good meat; perfect to share!
Fa. Pekelhaaring: this Italian restaurant has been popular since they opened their doors in De Pijp! It’s recommended to make a reservation!
Chiapas Taco Cartel: of course also a touch of Mexico cannot be missed in this culinary street. For delicious tacos and burritos you can go to Chiapas!
Soi74: for all your Thai favourites you can visit the new kid on the block Soi74. Tom Ka Kai, Pad Thai, saté, curries, they serve it all. And also available for take-out!
Spaghetteria: it;s always crowded here, but it’s worth the wait. Here you get very good pastas and spaghettis for an affordable price!

De Stadskantine Amsterdam

Lunch on the Van Woustraat
De Stadskantine: perfect for a quick bite, a salad or a sandwich to go. De Stadskantine is also a good work spot.
Pasticceria: simple sandwiches, sweet stuff and homemade ice-cream!
Juice Brothers: for your daily vitamins and minerals you have to go here! This juice bar sells juices, smoothies, salads, tea, chiapudding, shots and healthy raw cake.

De Turk Amsterdam

Take-out on the Van Woustraat
De Turk: a spot where you go for a coffee and lunch and to buy some Turkish delicacies to take home!
Stach Food: at this deli you can get your freshly baked bread, nice cheeses, sausages and healthy fresh meals.
Landmarkt: of course you go to Landmarkt for your biological products of top quality. Big chance that your cravings will start immediately here ;-)
Bulls and Dogs: your delicious hot dog can be eaten right at the spot, but is available for take out as well. And we’re not just talking about hot dogs, but very, very good hot dogs!
Vlaamsch Broodhuys: sandwiches the luxurious way is what you get at Vlaamsch Broodhuys. At this location in De Pijp you can also read a paper at one of the small tables. Our favourite here? The sandwich tuna!
Vlaamsch Broodhuys, Van Woustraat 78,

Bar Hutspot Amsterdam

Bars in the Van Woustraat
Bar Hutspot: for and by the men of concept store Hutspot! Here you go for a drink and a bite.
Tapmarin: at this bar you go for a beer (you can make a reservation for your own tap!), G&T’s, karaoke, chicken sate and pub talk.

Gathershop Amsterdam

3 x shopping in the Van Woustraat Amsterdam

Gathershop: here you find unique and handmade items. Made by (still) unknown designers & brands.
Hutspot: great concept store on the Van Woustraat! Here you can get a really nice lunch and they make really good coffee!
Van Bieren: when entering this shop, it feels like beer heaven. Because at Van Bieren all your favourite craft beers are sold!


Waxx Kappers: a hairdresser that makes you feel at home right away! Here they know exactly how to spoil you and what type of hairdo suits you best!
Mrs. Highbrow: life is all about finding the perfect brow shape for your face, right?  At Mrs. Highbrow they are specialised in finding the perfect brow fit for you!
Mrs. Highbrow, Van Woustraat 79,

Have fun in the Van Woustraat in Amsterdam!

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