Het Groene Paleis Amsterdam: for a glass of wine on a terrace in the city centre

Het Groene Paleis Amsterdam, a new all-day cafe at the rokin

Finding a good restaurant, a nice lunch spot or terrace close to the Kalverstraat, The Dam or Amsterdam Central is easier said than done. Of course there are the classics like Metropolitain for a lunch at the Rokin, House Bar for cocktails next to central station and Cannibale Royale in the Lange Niezel for a good steak. But there’s not a lot of choice. Anyway soon we can have dinner at the new restaurant of Ron Blaauw; Nacarat on the 5th floor in Hudson Bay and since this week we can go to this new all-day cafe Het Groene Paleis Amsterdam at the Rokin.

In the NRC building at the Rokin you can now find Het Groene Paleis Amsterdam. An all-day cafe where you can have a glass of wine on their sunny terrace with your best friend or have dinner with your love inside the ‘palace’. You can also go here for a meeting with colleagues, a cup of coffee at the big reading table in the afternoon or to have some beers at the end of the night. It’s nice to have a place in the city centre of Amsterdam where you can go all day.

from sandwiches with pickled meat to shrimp croquettes at Het Groene Paleis Amsterdam

Het Groene Paleis Amsterdam describes itself as a bar and restaurant full of life, wine and food. Now you got us! On the menu you’ll find a sandwich with pickled meat, Dutch shrimp croquettes, ravioli with spinach and ricotta and the big Paleis Burger, a brioche with a Dutch beef burger, emmentaler, truffle mayonaise and homemade fries. Either way, it’s a nice spot for a good lunch or a coffee during your shopping spree in the city centre!

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Photocredits: Het Groene Paleis

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