28 x healthy hotspot in Amsterdam for guilt free dinners

26 x healthy hotspot in Amsterdam

enjoy green food at these healthy hotspots in Amsterdam

A healthy soup, fresh juice, salad or other healthy food. It makes me happy! Not because it’s trendy to eat healthy food, but because I just think healthy food is really delicious and it’s perfect if you want to go out for dinner without counting the calories. Are you a healthy food lover like me? I know exactly where you should go! In this blog a list with Yourlbb’s favourite healthy hotspots in Amsterdam! Have we overlooked one? Let us know!

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For your vitamines you go to Juice By Nature at the Warmoesstraat. Get your vitamines by taking the cold pressed juices, smoothie bowls or power shots. Not into drinks? Go for one of the cakes of snacks. Juice by Nature is the place to be, nice!
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DASLEKKER – Healthy and fresh IN the RIVIERENBUURT

For breakfast and lunch you need to go to DASlekker. Brothers Anthony, Daniel and Sadile are making the healthiest and most delicious meals for you. Oh, and everything is as fresh as it can be. Sandwiches, soups and salades, take them all!
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Everything that’s homemade can’t go wrong. At Klaver 4 you can get the tastiest breakfast and lunches. Take a good cup of coffee and of course one of the home made snacks, cakes or cookies at Klaver 4.
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gout deli amsterdam

Goût Deli Boutique – Fresh and homemade IN DE PIJP

Goùt Deli is the perfect hotspot for a fresh and homemade healthy breakfast. Their delicious smoothie bowls and fresh coffee make mornings even better. Oh, and don’t forget to try te granola bars. They make them freshly, especially for you!
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The Meets – nEW healthy spot in De Pijp

We love everything about The Meets. From the interior to the people that work there.  Honest food served at its best!
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Beter & Leuk – healthy hotspots in Amsterdam

Do you eat healthy or are you vegan? Beter & Leuk in Amsterdam East has juices, salads and sandwiches for you! And on Sunday there’s even a vegan brunch buffet!
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Vinnies – Food and Vintage in the city center

Ever since the opening of Vinnies this is popular hotspot in the Haarlemmerbuurt for a healthy lunch. A true all time favourite! Extra nice: Vinnies has a second location the center of Amsterdam!
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sla amsterdam westerstraat

SLA – Amsterdam West and De Pijp

Ever since the opening of SLA this is a Yourlbb’s favourite salad bar in Amsterdam. Because you can create your own salad here! Though of course you can also order one of the tasty salads on the menu.
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Meatless district – Vegetarian and vegan food in Amsterdam West

This new hotspot is inspired by New York and has delicious vegan and vegetarian food. Good to know: even the wine is vegan. Enjoy!
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juice brothers – healthy juices on the van woustraat

This juice bar at the Van Woustraat sells cold-pressed juices. That means that the nutrients in the juices are better preserved. Sounds good right? And in case you’re hungry: they sell snacks like raw chocolate that fit with a healthy diet.
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frnzy amsterdam 600x450

FRNZY – healthy Vietnamese and french food in de pijp

This place has so many choices that you never have to worry. There is always something on the menu you’ll like, or better: love! They serve healthy green smoothie bowls, croque monsieurs and asian spring rolls the whole day.
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Salad & the City – salad bar in West

Next to Happyhappyjoyjoy on the Bilderdijkstraat you find healthy spot Salad & the City. A take-away and delivery salad bar where you can order delicious salads. 
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Healthy hotspots in AmsterdamPhotocredits: Jasper de Waal

Pluk – healthy hotspots in Amsterdam

For fresh juices, smoothies, salads and sandwiches Pluk is a must! Pluk is located on the Reestraat in the Nine Streets and the perfect pit stop during or after an afternoon of shopping. Must try: the banana pancakes for breakfast!
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Sapbar – Fresh juices in Amsteram East

You can start your day at this place with smoothies, slow juices and acai bowls for breakfast. And if you need a healthy shot during the day, than this hotspot is also the place to be. They serve healthy shots the whole day. Extra tip: add a shot of ginger to your smoothie. Mmmm.
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Roots – healthy food in AMsterdam South

Healthy bites and juices are at Roots to go or to stay! Pure, organic and full of power foods. A nice to know spot in Amsterdam South and therefore a not to miss spot in our healthy hotspots in Amsterdam list!
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Ninour – Vegetarian, sugar-free and organic in de pijp

Have you every planned cous cous for lunch? This hotspot makes it possible. The menu of this healthy hotspot is inspired by the Moroccan kitchen. Extra advantage: you can bring literally every friend to this place. All dishes are sugar-free, organic and vegetarian. We like that!
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Lite/Dark – Utrechtsestraat

Lite / Dark is a nice address on the Utrechtsestraat for healthy food. Here you walk in for a juice, wheat grass shot or sandwich. We are pleased that they now also have a location on the Zeedijk!
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Vegabond vegam hotspot in Amsterdam

Vegabond – healthy hotspots in Amsterdam

This healthy hotspot is the place for vegans and vegetarians in Amsterdam. With tasty sandwiches to eat, but also with beautiful products to shop around.
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Dr. Blend – JUICES and more in the Herenstraat

Fruit and vegetable juices in the center of Amsterdam at Dr. Blend! Here they make good use of various superfoods so you can start your day full of energy.
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Sugarless – Healthy lunch without sugar in West

Sugarless is an organic café in West with daily lunches and superfood juices on the menu! But what really makes this hotspot so special is that all is free of refined sugars and other unhealthy sweeteners flavours and fragrances.
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Lavinia Good Food in Amsterdam

Lavinia Good Food – superfood in the Kerkstraat

Lavinia Good Food is a hidden gem in Amsterdam. Perfect for lunch or breakfast! Here you will only find healthy dishes made with local ingredients and without any unnecessary additives.
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The Cold pressed Juicery – juicery in old South

Fresh, organic and healthy. And I’m referring to the juices at Cold Pressed Juicery in the Old South. A spot in the healthy hotspots in Amsterdam list that you will not want to miss!
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Dophert – vegan food in the Spaarndammerbuurt

Vegan is hot! And Dophert is the number one vegan hotspot at the Spaarndammerbuurt. Doesn’t matter what you choose, everything here looks like a piece of art!
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Juice & Salad Café – 3 location in town

You can get the awesome fruit juices, salads and sandwiches of Juice & Salad at no less than three locations in Amsterdam. And, they grow most of the ingredients them selfs.
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De Laatste Kruimel – SAVOURY & sweets in the city center

Ok, let’s forget about the sweet they have on the menu of De Laatste Kruimel. Go here for the savoury meals: traditional quiches, authentic scones, fresh bread, juices and smoothies.
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Venkel – salad bar in De Pijp

Another great salad bar in Amsterdam is Venkel at the Albert Cuypstraat. Venkel works with locally sourced produce! So salads with typically Dutch vegetables and fruit from Dutch ground.
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Bar james – Vegan food in Oost

Yay!  A vegan restaurant with more then green dishes only.  You can visit this new hotspot for breakfast, lunch, dinner and for drinks. The menu is supplemented with several whiskeys and cocktails.
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Blendbar Amsterdam – Smoothie & juice bar on Ferdinand Bol

And last a nice juice bar: Blendbar in De Pijp! Here they make delicious juices, veggie smoothies, yogurt and protein shakes. Also a spot to go to when your a (fanatic) sports person!
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What’s your favourite healthy hotspot in Amsterdam?

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