Hagelswag Amsterdam: the very first hagelslag store in the world

Hagelswag Amsterdam

at Hagelswag Amsterdam you’ll find the real hagelslag!

If you can only wake up in the morning with a slice of bread and so much hagelslag (chocolate sprinkles) that everything falls on your plate with the first bite, you know that you can’t live without it anymore. Sure I know that it’s not healthy at all, but it’s so tasty! The men behind Hagelswag Amsterdam thought of something new: sprinkles made of real chocolate. Little bit more healthy right?! After a successful Kickstart campaign last year, they noticed that in a very short time, many people were addicted to their chocolate chunks. People wanted a refill, so they made a refill mailbox package. It was still not enough, they needed a physical store. And that one is here, on the Heisteeg in the heart of the city!

A store where you can buy your own bottle of Hagelswag and refill it, but also a place where you can taste a sandwich with Hagelswag. Take a sandwich with their signature Hagelswag or try one of the toppings like coconut/banana, caramel/apple or peanut/red fruit. Ps: they even collaborate with a chef who cooks at star level to discover how make the best sandwich with Hagelswag ever.

At Hagelswag Amsterdam you can now taste a sandwich with hagelslag and buy some Hagelswag, but the plans to transform the top floor into a breakfast paradise in the future are also there. Nice, then I never have to make my own sandwich with sprinkles ever again!

Nice: The name Hagelswag came up as a joke at the lunch table (jep, above a sandwich with hagelslag) ;-)

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