Haartheater Amsterdam South: new and spacious location at the Beethovenstraat

haartheater amsterdam south

the Haartheater Amsterdam south takes good care of you

Not too long ago, the Haartheater Amsterdam South opened up a new location in South on the upcoming street: the Beethovenstraat. Anyone who has been to the Haartheater in Old South at the Willemsparkweg or the Weteringschans in the center knows that the locations are small, but very nice. The newest location in the Beethovenstraat is the opposite. Even though it’s still very nice, it’s also a lot bigger! It’s a huge white, clear and fresh space. You know you’ll be well taken care of and you can relax. You’re in good hands!

We took a look at Haartheater Amsterdam South and have to admit, it’s great! After a brief “consultation” about what would happen to our hair, we went to the sink where they washed my hair with nice products that fit my hair and treatment. Not unimportant! Oh and by the way; they may have the nicest sink I ever had. No neck pain, YES! After washing my hair I continued to the cutting area where I wasn’t looking at a wall or mirror, the busy intersection (Stadionweg) was perfect for entertainment. Time for a blow-dry, styling et voilà. Loved it!

new at Haartheater Amsterdam Beethovenstraat

New at this location is the big Beautyshop where you can drop by for quick fixes like manicures, eyebrow treatments, small facial treatments to destress, hand and foot massages and of course much more. Nice, now you won’t have to go to three different salons across the city!

Also new at Haartheater Amsterdam South is that you can go here for blow-outs for beautiful hair, but not want to go to the hairdresser. Your hair is washed and blow-dried, making it perfect for that party tonight ánd the days after ;-)

So if you’re still looking for a nice hairdresser + beauty salon, Haartheater Amsterdam South is definitely worth a visit!

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Amsterdam Old South Map