Grill Market Reykjavik: grill restaurant in the city center

Grill Market Reykjavik

Danish design in this trendy restaurant in Reykjavik: Grill Market!

When I went to Reykjavik the first time I really had no idea what to expect… I thought of cold weather, moon landscapes, thermal baths and heaters. One thing that I didn’t immediately expected from Iceland was that there’s a true foodie culture there! During our 48 hours in Reykjavik we ate at some amazing restaurants, like Grill Market. And during our second city trip with Ellis we couldn’t not take a visit to this favourite spot!

grill-market-reykjavik-5Grill Market Reykjavik

Grill Market is a hip grill restaurant in Reykjavik. It’s super good and beautifully furnished with a lot of natural materials such as lava (they’ve got plenty there) and wood combined with a lot of Danish design. But Grill Market is also the place to eat some really good meat. And let me tell you: we (once again) didn’t go home disappointed ;-). Here they have a farm to table concept. That means they only use local (and seasonal) products. On the website of Grill Market you can even watch the farmers that provide the products, so cool! Extra fun: at the keuken there are a few tough, Icelandic men cooking your meal on a grill that can be as hot as 1200 degrees.


We love shared dining because it allows you to try as much as you can and that’s why Ellis and I decided to share our meals. For starters we had dried fish and squid. We didn’t know exactly what dried fish was but this local delicacy tasted great! And definitely in combination with a lovely tartare sauce. Don’t be fooled: the green stuff on the photo isn’t fried vegetables. This is fish! Then we ordered a meat platter with pork, lamb and duck. De-li-cious! The tasting menu is also a must-try. Enjoy a surprise menu from the chef with the best Icelandic dishes. Don’t forget to mention that you don’t eat whale… because that’s definitely on their menu and it might as well be served on your plate… (whale is almost on every restaurant’s menu in Reykjavik).

grill-market-reykjavik grill-market-reykjavik-7grill-market-reykjavik

Plan your city trip to Reykjavik:

>> This is how you get there!
WOW air flies to Reykjavik from € 99,-
– From Reykjavik you can book low cost tickets to Boston and Washington, D.C.
Check the prices here >>
>> This is where you stay!
– Spend the night in the largest hotel of Reykjavik: Foss Hotel!
– Or book a room at the cool design hostel KEX.

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