Tip for November 18: the magical Georgie’s Wintergarten Amsterdam

Georgie's Wintergarten Amsterdam

Georgie’s Wintergarten Amsterdam: the intimate, phone free festival

It’s just on of those parties in Amsterdam where you should have been once… The parties of Georgie in his Wundergarten. Nobody can create such a unique atmosphere like Georgie. He creates just one of those magical feel-good places where freedom and being together rules the day. Fraternization, a sweet gesture, discovering together, making new friends and especially being together, having fun without noise from digital communication. This free-spirit rules in the location, the setting, the creativity, games, music and theater performances, just everything. And all of that in a very intimate setting. For sure, you don’t want to miss these parties. That’s why you want to save the date on November 18 for Georgie’s Wintergarten Amsterdam!

You read it well, having fun without the noise of digital communication. This year no phones or cameras are allowed to go in. Hallelujah, I like this already! Telephones and cameras must be stowed away in the designated, secured lockers upon arrival. In this way, the day of Georgie’s Wintergarten Amsterdam isn’t dominated by the best filter, algorithms, live streams and stories. It becomes an inspiring place that is closed off from the outside world. Practical problems are taken care of by meeting points where festival visitors can find each other again. Polaroids and photo booths still provide the beloved, tangible memories. Ai, that sounds very nice, doesn’t it? You can order tickets here.

Georgie's Wintergarten Amsterdam

georgie’s wintergarten amsterdam

When: Saturday November 18
Where: Festival area Westerweide at the Wethouder van Essenweg in Amsterdam Nieuw-West (pay attention: new location!)
Price: € 45

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Photocredits: Tim Buiting, VAAG Photography